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Various Kinds of the Solid Control Equipments

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Here we will introduce you about several common kinds of the solids control equipment.

Mud sand pump is one of the necessary modern drilling solid control equipments which mainly consists of the pump, impeller, pump shaft, wear-resistant plate, seal, bearing, bearing, coupling, motor and so on. Mud sand pump’s working principle is not too complex. The motor can drive rotation of shaft through sand pump coupling. And the rotation of shaft will drive the impeller and drilling fluid through the inlet by central impeller suction and the flow passage of impeller. Under the force of centrifugal action, the machine can gain energy and improve speed of a pump continuously.

The mud vacuum degasser is a specialized kind of solid control equipment for gas drilling fluid process and it is suitable for supporting all kinds of drilling fluid circulation purification systems. The degasser can quickly remove the gas in drilling fluid and achieve the restoration of drilling fluid density and stable performance of the drilling fluid. In the exploratory industry, it is also the indispensable equipment.

Mud centrifuge is also called drilling fluid centrifugal. This machine and horizontal spiral can be used to discharge settling centrifuge like oil drilling. It is mainly used for recycling, removing tiny solid barite and reducing the solid drilling fluid. The control of drilling fluid’s density, viscosity will ensure the drilling fluid performance which is playing an important role for fast drilling.

Mud degasser is used to deal with secondary drilling fluid as solid control equipment . It is always supported by screening system, adjusting system, aqueduct, pressure gauge and so on. According to the diameter of the cyclone, the machine is divided into cyclone degasser and spiral desilter. Generally it is also called combination of cyclone degasser. It often makes secondary drilling operation, which commonly uses various cyclones.

Mud cleaner is a product with modern drilling technology which is in order to adapt to the development trend of modern oil drilling and the birth of a new type of drilling mud solid control equipment. It has function of mud purification which will be the tertiary solid control equipment. The screening is installed for upper system. It is special with long life and explosion-proof type vibration of the motor. And the screen uses the plate hook as the device configuration.

Linear vibrating screen or brant screen , is one part of the drilling shaker. In China, the level of solids control equipment for the drilling fluid purifying system has improved. And it is mainly used for processing the mud larger cuttings particles and ensuring an essential impact to mud solid control system.

Some series of linear vibrating screen adopts the design experience of similar products and advanced technology at home and abroad. It also utilizes the design of 3D software technology to optimize the structure. Usually the product should have the elegant appearance, simple and compact structure. After all, outstanding performance and cost-effective advantages bring the machine a big market.

Above all are the several common kind s of the solid control equipment for your reference.

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