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Vacuum Degasser in the solid control system

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How to regain the proportion of the mud, how to stabilize the viscosity of the mud and how to decrease the cost of the well drilling play a most important role in solid control system and the vacuum degasser in solid control system is especially designed to solve these severe problems. What’s more, vacuum degasser sometimes can replace the mixing equipment of high-power in the solid control system .

The based working principle of the vacuum degasser is pumping action of vacuum pump. Mud is sucked in the hollow shaft of rotor and then is thrown as jets to the wall of the tank through the windows around the vacuum pump under the effect of the air pressure when the vacuum tank keeps negative pressure. Thanks to collision and separation, drilling fluid is divided and formed lamina and bubbles immersed in the mud are broken when gas is escaping. And then gas passing through suction effect of the vacuum pump and the separation effect of the gas-water separator is safely let out through the discharge pipe of separator to the safe area. In terms of mud, mud is discharged to the outside of the tank by the impeller. And mud can only be sucked into the tank but not be sucked by the fluid-discharge tube because the main motor is firstly launched and then the impeller which is connected with motor keeps high-speed revolution.

The structural properties of vacuum degasser are various. Vacuum pump plays two totally different roles. One is that the mud gets into the inside of the vacuum tank thanks to suction of the vacuum pump and another is that gas is pump out of the tank on account of suction of the vacuum pump. What’s more, the main motor is offset so that the centre of gravity is lower. Furthermore, the application of the belt transmission avoids the complication of the retarding mechanism. Last but not least, the application of the gas-water separator cannot lead to gas and water ejecting together so that exhaust pipe keeps unobstructed. And gas-water separator has advantage to circularly provide water to vacuum pump, which saves water.

In terms of the tips for the install and use of the vacuum degasser, the ground cannot have obvious bias when vacuum degasser is installed. While vacuum degasser is launched, the fluid-discharge tube and suction tube must be immersed into mud to together or the vacuum degasser cannot work. What should be paid more attention on is that workers must make sure the direction of rotation. The direction of the vacuum pump and belt of the main motor must be the same and seriously ban them to run in two different directions.

Generally speaking, the vacuum degasser as a important part of the solid control system has a magical working principle, various structural properties and importantly has to be carefully treated. Only if is the vacuum degasser well treated, the longer life it will receive and the more efficient work of the solid control system will be gained.

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