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Vacuum Degasser for Solid Control Sagety

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Vacuum degasser is a kind of special equipment used for processing gas drilling fluid, suitable for all kinds of mud purification system. To restore the proportion of mud, the stability of mud viscosity performance, reduce drilling cost, has very important role, at the same time, in the case of mud contains no gas, also can be used as a powerful blender. Cause negative pressure zone in a vacuum tank, mud under the action of atmospheric pressure through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft of rotor, again by the window around the hollow shaft, the jet shaped into the tank wall, due to the collision and the role of foam separator, invade the bubbles in the mud, gas evolution, through vacuum pump suction is to safety. In vacuum degasser for solid control safety, mud is due to gravity into the empty cavity, the rotor discharge outside the tank.

Therefore vacuum degasser for solid control safety degassing effect is good or bad, depends on the reasonable control of the indoor vacuum degassing, gas cut the time duration of the drilling fluid in the degassing indoor and in the degassing chamber. Vacuum degasser for solid control safety of the higher vacuum degassing chamber, air bubbles in the drilling fluid of expansion drive, the greater the volume expansion, the greater the drilling fluid to give buoyancy is, the greater the bubble, the easier to float to the surface of the drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser for solid control safety degassing of the interior design of the layout of the separating plate create conditions for drilling fluid is turbulent flow state. The longer the drilling fluid stays in the degassing indoors, the more conducive to the separation of air bubbles.

Centrifugal vacuum degasser due to compact structure, small footprint, also had little need to configure the power configuration of drilling equipment in the country. Vacuum degasser for solid control safety as a kind of effective technology and equipment ensure the safety of drilling operation, its reliable, safe and efficient operation is the important guarantee to realize safety drilling. However, the traditional centrifugal period of vacuum pump vacuum degasser is easy to charge people drilling and completion fluid, the degassing efficiency is not high, difficult issues such as installation and maintenance. To this end, the author introduces a kind of high efficiency, high reliability of the modified vacuum degasser for solid control safety.

The airway in its bottom float upward movement, under the action of float of the plunger is not affected by external gas differential pressure of the body, when the liquid level rises, float along with airway is easy to rise to the height of the corresponding, action process is as follows:

Vacuum degasser for solid control safety guide gas block installed on the lid of deaerator, guide gas upper cavity through the sealing thread plug and guide holes along the axial direction of the setting in the gas holder with vacuum tank vacuum. When vacuum degasser for solid control of the safety in addition to the tank liquid level increases to will float liquid level in order, the liquid level float by connecting pin drives the airway move up. When the guide on the airway porosity by means of the radial guide gas holder to set the atmosphere communicates with the outside world of holes, vacuum, vacuum tube liquid level drops, liquid level float driving airway, airway atmosphere ask conduction interface with the outside world minimize or close, maintain the vacuum degree of vacuum inside the tank.

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