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Vacuum Degasser Is Important For Drilling Safety

Posted by:    Time:2015-02-24     click: Vacuum degasser is a dedicated device which is used to manage gas leaching drilling fluid. It is suitable for all kinds of mud purification system. It plays a very important role in restoring the proportion of mud. With the mud contains no gas, vacuum degasser can be used as powerful blender.
Because of the limitation of overall skill of drilling, there happened many serious blowout, out-of-control blowout and fire accidents in domestic oil and gas fields. According to incomplete statistics, there are 18×104 oil and gas Wells. Among them, there are 282 Wells have happened out-of-control blowout and 85 Wells have happened fire accidents. There are 6 Wells contain hydrogen sulfide. After out-of-control blowout, there caused heavy casualties and property loss. Studying vacuum degasser for drilling safety is the top priority.
Vacuum degasser mainly solves the problem of the device installed in drilling fluid that cannot separate the gas in drilling fluid. Vacuum degasser can separate the gas in the drilling fluid and it has the features of simple structure and good degassing effect.
Vacuum degasser contains the functions of filtering, extracting and degassing. Its filter degassing efficiency is high. It can be used in the occasions which need a large number of solution degassing. The throughput of disposable sample is 10-30L.
Vacuum degasser can effectively solve the drilling fluid gas trouble
When the gas or liquid of air drilling is in the drilling process, its density will become lower, its viscosity will become higher and the drilling fluid density will be reduced. This will reduce the hydrostatic column pressure. So, there will happen hole-wall collapse.
Once the air bubbles are transported to drilling liquid surface, they will be separated from the liquid. At the same time, the self-locking core can be avoided because of the centrifugal pump hydraulic. 
A suitable vacuum degassing will be formed in vacuum degasser when the mud flows into the top part fluently. 
The form of thin liquid layer because of the special separation plate design of vacuum degasser can eliminate the mud in the air rapidly.

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