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Vacuum Degasser Introduction for Our Customers

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Vacuum degasser is a kind of special equipment used for processing gas immersion fluid. Although you may have heard, but there are few professional vacuum degasser introduction. Apply to all kinds of form a complete set, to restore the proportion of mud, the stability of mud viscosity performance, reduce drilling cost, has a very important role. At the same time, it also can be used as a powerful blender. This article will make a simple vacuum degasser introduction.

Vacuum degasser introduction: as one of the key equipment of drilling fluid handling system, in addition to gas is used to remove the gas of gas cut drilling fluid, to stabilize the performance of the drilling fluid. About the type of vacuum degasser introduction: the deaerator is used in the oil and gas drilling, atmospheric and vacuum type decanter centrifuge , and other forms. The most widely used, the effect is the best vacuum degasser, including vertical vacuum degasser due to its small size, less occupied area, widely applied at home and abroad. Vacuum degasser introduction: start the vacuum pump in the vacuum inside the tank, in a vacuum drilling fluid under the action of the suction tube suction, and be umbrella pieces into the air tank, in the umbrella in the drilling fluid into a thin layer. The drilling fluid under vacuum is exposed to the gas drilling fluid surface, and in addition to the top of the tank is a vacuum pump away, in addition to the drilling fluid after gas sedimentation on the bottom of the tank in gravity unleashed to the system

Through vacuum degasser introduction, we know that from the umbrella parameter determines the vacuum degassing of deaerator performance, so separation umbrella is numerical simulation research object. Deaerator work mainly by the air tank vacuum suction fluid. Inlet boundary for pressure boundary, therefore, export boundary for pressure boundary, the pressure is in addition to the vacuum degree within the tank. Solid wall conditions, no slip and be determined by the standard wall function with fluid flow near the wall.

Here is the vacuum degasser introduction about hybrid model. Deaerator for gas liquid two phase flow in a fluid, using mixed multiphase flow model. Through each other between mixed model allows phase, volume fraction of a control volume depends on the phase of space, using the concept of flow velocity, allowing phase at different speeds. More vacuum degasser introduction: the hybrid model to solve the mixed phase continuity equation, momentum equation and energy equation of mixed phase, second phase volume fraction equation, and the relative speed of algebraic expressions. The application of the hybrid model includes low load flow, bubble flow, the particle and cyclone separation and other multiphase flow.

There is difference between slurry pipe and the internal and external pressure, this liquid under the action of pressure difference through plasma on separation of umbrella. Vacuum degasser introduction: the greater the vacuum degree within the deaerator, the differential pressure, the greater the when points pulp aperture must flow. Slurry velocity is larger and the exit umbrella on liquid separation is mainly along the slope under the effect of gravity separation of umbrella for dirty, so the speed is very small. Hope from points in slurry flow of fluid in the hole full of separation space at the top of the umbrella first, and then along the separation umbrella downflow tube, thus separating the hole speed should not be too high. Considering the convenience and strength of the processing requirements, each layer separation points pulp umbrella hole for many small holes through them. After the vacuum degasser introduction, how much do you know about vacuum degasser?

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