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Vacuum Degasser Helps to Save Money on the Exploration Cost

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It is not difficult to understand the working principle of vacuum degasser as long as we get to know the vacuum degasser drilling and completion system that has been developed from the conventional drilling fluid system. In generally, there are mainly two kinds of materials used in the vacuum degasser including the sodium drilling fluids and the cesium drilling fluids that are characterized by no slurry with the working principle of vacuum degasser and the theoretical foundation that vacuum degasser can achieve strong water base. As a matter of fact, some scholars have suggested that the use of solids free vacuum degasser under a working condition marked by high density and high temperature can help to protect the oil reservoir and save a large sum of money on the exploration cost alone.

What is more, on the basis of the working principle of vacuum degasser, some new findings and applications have come out with different saturation concentration points and density values. According to the study of the vacuum degasser, it has the function of stabilizing oil drilling shale what is the equivalent of the selective permeable membrane in low permeability formation while in the case of high concentration vacuum degasser, the larger the drilling solid fluids reflux, the larger the osmotic pressure ration against the water activity, which will make the entire formation stress near oil wellbore zone as well as the bottom part increase and reduce the stress on the oil rig borehole wall. Therefore, we may say that vacuum degasser has a good compatibility with most of the oil field that commonly uses polymer along with many other thickeners as filtrate reducers in dealing with wellbore instability problems.

What is more, apart from the above mentioned advantages of the working principle of vacuum degasser, in the exploration and development of the oil drilling operation, more than one hundred million dollars are spent per month worldwide on the upgrade of vacuum degasser so as to deal with the operation instability concerns and the most commonly encountered one is borehole enlargement due to the brittle wall. This is because when this kind of wall starts to break out, pieces of rock in different sizes may settle down around the vacuum degasser as well as the oil drill string while larger particles may go to the assembly of the oil rig bottom, leading to the block of the drill string there and the stop of the movement. The good news is that by pulling out the vacuum degasser string, this problem can be solved since this movement start the free operation and may bring the oil drilling program behind the schedule.

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