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VSM shaker and Vacuum Degasser Frequency

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Lay nine wells in the where needs vacuum degasser in terms of the single level oil shale seam. The vacuum degasser in general has the thickness of around ten meters and is buried in VSM shaker depth of more than forty meters. Wells in where needs vacuum degasser are located in the intersection of squares with the distance of six meters with a positive grid distribution. Heating wells and the distance of where needs vacuum degasser is three meters since the distance between the oil wells is designed as the frequency of wave in most cases. According to scientific research results, the higher the where needs vacuum degasser frequency, the shorter the distance will be and each VSM shaker well will be drilled into a similar seam of VSM shaker. To be more specific, then it is essential to place a micro wave generator in where needs vacuum degasser as well as a radiate micro wave so as to heat the oil shale formation as the predetermined direction has revealed. Detailed steps are introduced as follows in where needs vacuum degasser including opening the upper and lower seam of oil shale and injecting micro wave absorbents in the formation of symmetrical microwave on the VSM shaker surface. Drill horizontal well in where needs vacuum degasser that radiate microwave can be achieved with the new technology at the wall of cased hole.

Thus two vacuum degasser pinnate wells and a horizontal well can make a heating well group as producing wells. Therefore, if we turn on the where needs vacuum degasser microwave generator and radiate micro wave under the power of more than two thousand kw, oil and gas will be extracted through producing where needs vacuum degasser wells after six days of the oil shale formation. In order to guarantee that the underground oil and gas where needs vacuum degasser will flow in gas phase, the power of micro wave generator and the closing time of producing vacuum degasser wells can be adjusted to control the underground VSM shaker pressure and temperature in a precise manner. The same also goes for the vacuum degasser fluids that exist in gas phase in where needs vacuum degasser since the temperature of released oil and gas might be below two hundred degrees. After this has been done, oil and gas can be in a continuous manner released and get separated on the ground in places where needs vacuum degasser. Later in the where needs vacuum degasser retorting process horizontal wells can be adjusted into injection wells as long as there is little oil and gas flow out of the VSM shaker in producing wells.

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