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Types of Mud Agitator

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The mud agitator, which is widely applied in surface mud systems, can suspend solids and maintain homogeneous. The mechanical Mud agitator works with an explosion-proof motor and gear box, which can drive the impeller shaft, and then in turn makes mechanical power change into fluid circulation or agitation. Therefore, all solids can be suspended.

How mechanical mud agitator classifies is according to the structure of the impeller which is divided into flat leaf, leaf, helical surface slurry blender; when according to the fluid flow, it is divided into axial flow and radial flow, mixed flow slurry blender, and when according to utility, it includes cent low viscous fluid and high sticky fluid mud agitator. It is usually combined with mud desander that can play its maximum efficiency. We will introduce several types of mud agitator below.

1. Turbine type slurry blender

Turbine type slurry blender is the most common type of mud agitator of the drilling fluid mixing process, completely almost all of the mixing operation effectively, and can handle a wide range of viscosity of the fluid. Belonging to the low viscous fluid with stirrer, turbine mud agitator can be divided into open and disc. Open a flat leaves and leaf, curved blade, disc flat leaf, oblique leaf disk, Mud cleaner and so on. Commonly used open type turbine blade number is two and four leaf, disc with six pieces of the most common. Turbine mud agitators have bigger shear force; it can make the fluid micelle spread very thin, suitable for low viscosity to medium viscosity, viscosity of fluid mixing, liquid - liquid, liquid - solid suspension. Straight blade shearing action is bigger, shear mixer. Curved blade, which refers to the blades bend in the direction of flow, can reduce power consumption, suitable for containing fluid mixing brittle solid particles.

2. Pusher slurry blender

Standard pusher mud agitator has three disc blade, and its equal pitch and propeller diameter (d). Push type mixer mixing fluid turbulence degree is not high, when the big push but circulation of agitator which is simple in structure and convenient in manufacture, often used in low viscosity fluid, suitable for low viscosity large flow. Good cycle performance shearing action is not big, and belongs to the circular blender. Promote the agitator of smaller diameter, d/D = a quarter minus a third, blade tip speed is generally 7-10 m/s, up to 15 m/s.

3. Paddle slurry blender

Leaf blade made of flat steel, welding or bolted for the wheels, blade number is 2, 3, or 4 pieces, and leaf form can be divided into straight type and fold type two kinds. Paddle mud agitator is mainly used for fluid circulation, because under the same displacement, fold the vane power consumption less than flat vane, so the axial flow blades used more. Axial blade, refers to the blade of the main drainage direction is parallel with the stirring shaft. Paddle mud agitator can also be used for high viscosity fluid mixing, promote fluid exchange of up and down, instead of the high prices spiral belt type impeller. Paddle mud agitator rotational speed generally is 20-100 r/min, and the highest viscosity 20 Pa.s.

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