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Types of Drilling Rig Used For Offshore Oil Drilling Equipment

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Offshore drilling rig which is kind of drilling equipment is a complicate process, it need several equipment to drill into the deep ocean for oil buried underneath the sea. Offshore drilling rig needs equipment to get through the ocean depth more than 5,000 feet in order to reach the sea floor.

Oil drilling equipment such as pressure system and tube are used to pump and transport oil. Different kinds of equipment are applied according to different ocean depth. Among the several type of equipment, oil drilling rig is one of the most important parts that being used in offshore drilling rig that is drilling equipment. It is used to create holes which can be colossal equipment for drilling oil well through thousands of meters of the crust. Sometimes there are some small type that only one person can move it manually. They can sample mineral deposit that underneath, test the soil and physical property of material under the sea, they can help to install underground utilities, instrumentation, well, etc. as well. They are not transportable; you can mount them on a truck, track or trailer, or some permanent land as well. Structure like oil platform is a common one.

There are several different kinds of oil rig and each one of them has their own specific property. Water that is shallow or of great depth can find a suitable oil rig, and the rig is available under severe or unpredictable weather. Some oil rigs are placed upon the oil deposits and some are built from ship which forms a mobile one. The following are some representatives of oil rig.

When used in shallow water where there is only 80 feet, a submersible rig is a good choice. It can be towed to the place to be drilled and submerge until it reaches the seabed. Most of the submersible oil rigs stay in the place where it rest but there are some equipped with anchors to make sure they settle in their place.

Another type is drillship, just as its name imply, it is constructed from a ship and therefore it can propel by itself. Usually this kind of drill has anchors to help to stick to the place, but as the technology developing over times, modern drillship armed with a system of thruster that is controlled by a computer. In this way, it can maintain its position. Oil drill rig with computer control system can bore into very deep sea which other rigs cannot match.

Semi-submersible oil rig can propel as well but it needs accessory help. To keep in stay in the position where it reaches, ballast is needed, but dynamic computer or conventional anchor is available as well. This kind of rig is built to be sturdy and can resist touch weather condition.

If you need permanent structure, you can consider production platform. It is built on site on the above of the deposits of oil. After the exploratory drilling has discovered oil deposit sites, the platforms are constructed. Once they are built there it cannot move.

These are the main type of drilling equipment used for offshore drilling rig; let’s select applicable drilling equipment for your project.

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