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Trend Shaker’s Research Status and Development

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Shaker screen is one of the screening machineries which is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. It is a machine that use VSM shaker porous face, grades the different particle sizes mixed materials according to the type size. Shaker screen also commonly used in the dehydration of materials, referral and cleaned off the surface of the sludge material. In recent 20 years, the research of shaker screen got some promising results. The vibration and kinetic parameters of shaker screen mechanical system have an important impact on the screening process. Over the last decade, the development of the shaker has made considerable progress. According to the mechanic principles of mechanical system structure, the shaker screen mainly divided into single plastid and double plastid two categories. The shaker screen commonly used in previous works in the past, mostly focused on a single plasmid quality mechanical model. For these shaker screen that has secondary isolation functions and resiliency-link shaker, usually use the double plastid lumped mass mechanical model. In studying the problem of shaker shimmy, we need to consider the geometry and mass distribution of the derrick shaker screen. At the present study, we usually use the rigid flat mechanics model to analytic solution. In the study of shaker structural strength, stiffness and inherent modal in each order, also use the continuous mechanics model. For large-scale structure shaker screen’s elastic mechanics model, most use Most discrete numerical methods currently. Such as the finite element modal analysis method.

Shaker screen damping problems mainly related to the foundation and start parking area by the resonance damping. The general method is a reasonable selection of dynamic parameters of the spring isolator. By the resonance region damping, the main is limitation resonance amplitude. The method is motor reversal eliminate vibration, rubber cushion damping, unperturbed machinery eliminate vibration, dampers eliminate vibration, simple plate friction eliminate vibration, floating eccentric eliminate vibration, friction torque eliminate vibration and reasonable choice of isolation springs. For example: after the special design of composite springs, when shaker is doing normal screening operations, it will provide only a small damping and dynamic stiffness, the dynamic characteristics are linear(micro-hard). When the shaker screen does through the resonance region, due to the rubber is in shear and compression complex stress dynamic, the Spring will provide great damping and dynamic stiffness. Dynamic characteristics were hard characteristic, This will effectively suppress shaker’s resonance amplitude and vibration loads. Foreign countries also use air springs for damping, but it’s more difficult to promote. Large shaker screen generally use double isolation, because the single-isolation system has obvious drawbacks, such as: When in the low speed, the stiffness of the isolator must be small. This results in athe shaker system is too soft, and has poor stability. Therefore, use the high rigidity double vibration isolation system instead of the soft single vibration isolation system, can get a better isolation effect, thus can avoid the disadvantage of single-layer vibration isolation system’s poor stability.

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