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To Know Something About Structure of Vacuum Degasser

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Found in the running, the vacuum degasser carbon removal effect is poor, resulting in a decline in the periodic output amount of fabricated water from anion exchanger and regeneration is frequent, regeneration with alkali quantity and level in addition to salt water volume is larger, at the same time, the emissions of sewage. This article from the structure of vacuum degasser and running and so on several aspects, analyzes the reason of higher CO2, and focuses on the structure of vacuum degasser corresponding improving measures are put forward.

Among the structure of vacuum degasser, degassing chamber is under gas-liquid separation of gas cut drilling fluid, internal structure of vacuum degasser design is the key technology, and it must be met in addition to some necessary conditions of gas. Therefore, designed to accommodate 2.5 m volume in addition to the gas chamber such structure of vacuum degasser, normal work can hold 1.25 m after drilling fluid. Drilling fluid in degassing indoor can stop for a certain time; in the degassing of interior design has a certain Angle separation plate, for drilling fluid in the degassing indoor dispersed into thin layer. Matching of the vacuum pump, the gas cut very serious when the swept volume of drilling fluid and can satisfy the use requirement. In order to control into the degassing indoor drilling fluid flow, make the entry and discharge air chamber of drilling fluid amount reach to the balance, and to prevent gas back into the isolated into drilling fluid, so the structure of vacuum degasser has automatic level control within the structure of the design.

For drilling fluid density is relatively stable during under-balanced drilling, drilling fluid after gas cutting, and processing gas drilling fluid in a timely manner. And underbalanced drilling special liquid gas separator for processing high density, high viscosity fluid gas invasion of microbubble could do nothing, only through vacuum degasser in processing.

By the field test certificate, the structure of vacuum degasser is suitable for conventional oil drilling and underbalanced drilling operation in the processing of various gas drilling fluid gas cut, free or not free gas in the separation of drilling fluid, and restore the relative density of drilling fluid viscosity. This set of structure of vacuum degasser of reasonable structure, installation and convenient operation. Used for processing drilling fluid gas cut, degassing affect significantly, safe and reliable, various technical indicators reached the domestic advanced level. The structure of vacuum degasser to overcome the "drilling liquid gas separator can clear away the free gas in the drilling fluid, and to a free gas namely the gases in the invasion of drilling fluid system can't remove the faults. It has great site popularization and application value.

With upper airway cavity consistent with the vacuum tank vacuum pressure balance methods, the structure of vacuum degasser can make the airway conduction section increase as far as possible, this increased the sensitivity reaction of the liquid level control device, at the same time under the condition of the vacuum pump licensing can maximize the vacuum degasser, while improve the effect of degassing, guarantee the safe running of the deaerator. If the vacuum degasser installed on the upper lid taper umbrella plate, made by hollow shaft the nozzles spraying shaped around the impeller rapid injection of drilling fluid before entering the centrifugal vortex chamber was strongly impact crushing. At the same time, in the process of drilling fluid by umbrella plate slope downward flow, increase the circulation, thinning the liquid flow thickness, part of the drilling fluid flow from umbrella plate holes or injection into vacuum degasser jars of wall, the assistance of collision broken and thinning fluid flow layer thickness. This structure of vacuum degasser can improve the degassing efficiency.

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