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To Choose Ditch Route of Pipelines of Sand Pump

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Firstly, the construction quantity is small, aerial parts are less, and convenient to construct, easy to maintain. Secondly, try the best to choose straight line and the corner of line is less than 120°. Thirdly, make most of the sands or debris can do their transport without using sand pump . Fourthly, the fall of channel of their transport should be greater than the critical hydraulic gradient of the flow of ore, there is better a difference of 100mm at the corner of the line. Fifthly, when the fall of channel is too large, adjust it by a plunge gap to reduce abrasion. Sixthly, in topographic area artesian pipe and inverted siphon pipe can be used, and set row ore valve at the lowest place.

About their transportation, firstly, there is semicircular channel section, rectangular channel section and trapezoidal channel section, the latter two are widely used in production. Secondly, the least pitch of their plup flow channel, it is connected with soil rock granularity, pulp density and the lining material in the magma of the sand pump. Average particle size is much bigger; requirements of the pitch will be much higher. Thirdly, the lining materials which commonly used limestone, wear resistant cast iron, marble, granite, disbase products and so on. Fourthly, about the mud pie processing, when pulp is flowing in the blunt ore groove, a large amount of mud with common clod to block ore groove, then cause accidents, especially the mine lot with high mud content. The bod looks like small balls, they are tough and difficult to be broken. The main measures to deal with the bod has six noodles screen and electric drum screen.

If the topographic condition is not allowed their transportation, can use sand pump to press hydraulic transport, and the sand pump is generally adopted suction. If you need to work with series operations, can adopt injection in the middle of the booster pump, but usually not use parallel operation. So to select the right velocity of numerical which can reduce power consumption, cost of production, loss of pressure head and pipe wear. In order to prevent pipeline blocking, the minimum velocity should be 1.5~2 times than that of the maximum size of gravel.

The pipe head loss of pulp movement in the pipe, on the basis of the pipe head loss in clear water, considering the effect of the pulp density and the additional erergy to decide. Selecting right velocity of flow can guarantee the minimum head loss. And choose the best mine water ratio, which can reduce the consumption of water and cost of production to improve the transport ability of sand pump and pipeline.

Through the above statement, we can see that how to choose ditch route of pipelines is very important for a sand pump, which can make the sand pump work very well and reach the effect of saving different types of resources

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