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Tips on Maintenance of a Decanter Centrifuge

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With the faster and faster development of decanter centrifuge industry, this machine has brought a whole raft of convenience for our producing process in nearly all today’s processing industries. We get a lot of benefits from using it, we need to use the decanter centrifuge machine, repair a decanter centrifuge machine, and we also need to know some necessary information about how to do daily maintenance of a decanter centrifuge machine. The usual life span for a machine is ten years or more, by proper maintenance of a decanter centrifuge machine, we can certainly prolong the time that we can use the machine, by doing this, we can make our many that bought the machine more cost effective, and save much money and time to do the repairing job of the machine, both doing repair ourselves and returning it to the producer. But how we can do daily maintenance of a decanter centrifuge machine? There are some crucial tips that cannot be neglected.

We should certainly mop the external of the machine to make sure it is dry and clean to avoid any rust and dust to get into the inter of the decanter centrifuge machine. Secondly, the conveyor and the conveying belt are very easy to be loose in our daily use of the machine, so it need to be frequently checked up and to be exchanged if they are do not work well. We should also check the easily wearing parts of the machine and the operating situation of the electric system of the machine and attach great importance to the battery system regularly.

The installation of the differential mechanism should keep high rate of concentricity with the main body of the decanter centrifuge machine, if the connection between the two parts of a machine, we should then put a cooper chip between the differential mechanism and the conveying belt to make sure the necessary shaking when the machine is operating.

After some working time of a decanter centrifuge machine, we will need to do an overhaul of the machine; at this time maybe we can return the machine to its manufacturer if the machine is bought from a reliable company. Because of assorted reasons, the machine cannot work as well as the beginning, this phenomenon cannot be avoided, but if we can take care of the machine carefully and correctly use it in our daily processing course and do regular and proper maintenance of a decanter centrifuge machine, the machine’ life can be extended. And a good manufacturing brand is also a sure card for our future maintenance and repairing process of our machine. They are more professional and can help us a lot.

In one word, I hope after reading this short passage, you, the decanter centrifuge buyer and user, can not only know superficially some knowledge of how to do maintenance job of a decanter centrifuge, but also aware of the importance of the maintenance of a decanter centrifuge. Only have this sense, you can help your machine have a longer time, and make the money you spent more cost effective.

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