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Tips of Buying Desander

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The desander together with Desilter is a kind of important mud separating device that has been used in oil industry. Due to its high price and wide application, the users need to pay more attention to when buying desander, therefore, there are some tips of buying desander.

The first of buying desander is to choose desander with simple technological process. The common process of the desander is introduce raw oil which is composed of oil and some impurities into the desander, and then carries out rotational flow degritting and secondary filter. When the filtered water has entered into the water tank, the users are able to get the oil without large impurity. The desander has the features of low production cost, simple structure, easy installation and operation with rarely maintenance. And the desander has small size. And compared with enlarging tubes, buffer tank and other kinds of degritting devices, the desander has larger processing ability, which is able to reduce the scene space. And apart from being used in oil industry, the desander can also be utilized in river, well water degritting, coal washing water, industrial mineral separation, solid-liquid separation as well as liquid degassing. Due to all these advantages, the desander can be applied in the water process of air conditional water, chemistry, mineral industry, medicine, texture as well as other industries.

The second tip of buying Desander is to pay attention to the parameters of the performance of the desander. The inflow turbidity should be less than 320 degrees, and the outflow turbidity should be limited within 10 degrees. The pressure loss on the middle of the running of the desander should be limited within 0.028 MPa. And remember that the working temperature of the desander is normal temperature. And the qualified material of the desander is carbon steel or stainless steel. And choose the deander with complete specifications, which is able to make sure the quality and maintenance of the desander.

The next tip of buying desander is to choose desander according to the working condition. Under the condition of satisfying the flow, it is better to choose cyclone desander. And utilize cyclone desander with large soecification, and if necessary, use several cyclone desander in parallel to replace the large device in the middle of the running of the desander. This kind of device is mainly used to eliminate solid particles in underground water and other water resources. And the cyclone desander integrates the cyclone and filtering, which is suitable for water source heat pump system, cooling system of air conditioner, circulating water system in winter as well as industrial cooling water system in water process fields in chemical, environment protection, food and medicine industries to realize degritting, turbid descending as well as solid-liquid separating.

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