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Tips for Solid Control Equipment Operators

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With the rapid development of economics and advancement of the society, countries from all over the world try all their best to make them competitive among them. As we all know, comprehensive quality of a country determine itself to be respected or not. Gas and oil is one of the most important resources to drive a country developing. Many of them also pay great effort on developing solid control equipment and train a large number of operators who are required to take good command of relative knowledge.

There are some regulated tips for solid control equipment operators. Each one of the solid control equipment should be fixed stably and screwed tightly. And no operation is allowed before it is made sure of being already fixed. In order to guarantee safety, protective cover and safety equipment of each device should be assorted and fixed. Balance is very necessary when you are going to change gear, for that it can avoid brokenly crush. Cover each oilhole tightly so that prevent dust insert in and pollute gas and oil so as to break the machine once after solid control equipment conveying, performing and maintaining.

After solid control equipment finishing performing, each rubber part should be cleaned with soap water and keep in mind that no oil-series detergent is allowed to use in case of rotting rubber parts.

When you are going to operate solid control equipment, no matter which part it is, such as stack sizer and drilling mud system, you should follow each manipulating procedure very strictly, no over speed, over pressure, over temperature is allowed for that you are an solid control equipment operator. For example, if the machine you are operating is over temperature, it may be very prone to cause fire. Oil and gas are very easy fired things. If there causes a fire, it will result in result that more over than you can imagine. It will devastate a great deal of energy and cause serious pollution. This is the reason why solid control equipment operator should follow each regulation strictly.

Each one of the equipment should not put into use if it is not under normal circumstance or lack of some part. Oil for different part should employ in order. In other word, oil should not be used at random. If some oil is not enough to support its related part, tell related departments to find other solutions instead of add other kinds of oil freely.

Above are some tips for solid control equipment operators to know. As is known to all of us, gas and oil is of great importance for each country, each step should be operated very strictly. If you are going to take in related job, i hope the above brief tips can do you some favor.

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