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Tips for Shale Shaker Operator When Dealing With the Instrument

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We will introduce the tips for shale shaker operator in three steps: before, during and after the use of shale shaker. We take the Brandt shaker as an example. The basic principle of Brandt shaker is to use heavy hammer (uneven hammer) which is installed on the up and down end of the motor shaft to turn the motor rotation movement into three dimensional movements: horizontal, vertical, inclined movement to put across the movement to the surface. If the phase angle between the top and bottom of heavy hammer changes, the move direction of raw material also changes. According to this principle, the work before installing the mining screen is very important. The stability of shale shaker during work time is very important due to its three dimensional movements. So the tips for shale shaker operator before starting the machine are to check whether you have already removed the attached security plywood and locked all the locking part firmly. What’s more, you should check the power and let the machine operate for 5 minutes with no-load. Then the shale shaker shall be installed tightly on the installation surface where must be smooth and level off. The tips for shale shaker operator during the work are: first, keep the vibration acceleration within seven “g”(acceleration of gravity ); second, keep the ambient temperature no more than 40 ℃; third, keep the altitude of the work place no more than 1000 meter; fourth, keep the power frequency at 50 hz; fifth, keep the working voltage at 380 v. The tips for shale shaker operator after usage are the most simple and clear but they have very close relationship to the lifetime of the shale shaker. The operator should remember to clean the machine and remove the mud, sand or dirt inside the shale shaker. And scheduled maintenance plans should be arranged for each desilter. The operator should check the coarse mesh, thin mesh or spring to look whether they are fatigue or damaged, and also check whether the fuselage parts are damaged due to vibration and add the lubricating oil to the necessary parts regularly.

The tips for shale shaker operator might be trivial and easy to neglect, but they are very significant not only in promoting the lifetime of the machine but also in protecting the operator from the danger caused by improper operation. Of course, the tips we mention above only come down to several aspect. They are obviously not enough. A good shale shaker operator is a person who absorbs experience both from others’ work and his own practice. No matter what the job it is, patience and carefulness are the two most basic quality the worker needs.

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