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Tips for Shale Shaker Manufacturers

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To fully improve the working efficiency in oil drilling, it is necessary to choose a qualified shale shaker. The following are some tips for shale shaker manufacturers. Reliable shale shaker manufacture can offer good quality shale shaker as well as best solution to the customers.

Shale shaker is very important to the whole oil drilling system because it can help to separate solid materials from the oil during the circulating and drilling process. For a shale shaker, the mesh screen is an indispensable part. A suitable shale shaker screen can help to remove useless things effectively. Many shaker screen manufacturers can offer screen with mesh of different sizes from 20 to 320. Some types of screen have no metal backing plate but the surface is much more effective than other types. Based on the standard of the screen, there are several types of it such as flat type, pyramid type, screen with soft or hard hook strap, and screen with steel frame and so on. Selecting a suitable shaker screen can help to balance the handling capacity as well as the service life of the screen. Shale shaker manufacturer with years of experience about this field can usually offer good solution for oil drilling.

518 centrifuge is mainly used for drilling application. It can work in very high speed. On account of the fact that centrifuge usually work under undesired environment, it has to be quite strong to withstand the sensitive situation. High fluid recovery rates and efficient solid control can largely reduce the expense of disposal.

Let’s learn some tips for polyurethane screen manufacturers and shale shaker technical. Shale shaker can help to wash the drilling oil and usually can be used many times. It is an easy task for shale shaker to capture the rock and sands and other very tiny solid materials. Shale shaker use straight line vibration theory, it can work in a fast speed. Some brands use alloy steel metal material and therefore the device is quite strong and can survive under harsh environment. What’s more, the shaker has high wearing prevention ability which can withstand corrosive material. Special metal surface process renders the machine with excellent performance. The shaker also has prominent comprehensive ability because the force is adjustable.

Knowing more about tip for shale shaker manufacturer is helpful. In order to meet with different requirement and application from the customer, shale shaker manufacturers have developed different models of shale shaker. For instance, low temperature type and ocean type of shale shaker. These models can be used in high altitude environment as well as cold temperature and humid environment. Some models are equipped with vibrating screen which is scrapping eliminated, therefore makes them available in drilling rig. Another type of shale shaker screen has edge lining and fast-speed threaded rod. Shale shakers can be divided into different classifications according to the type of screen. The most common type can separate cutting from the oil when fluid flows through the mesh. And in oilfield drilling industry, the most popular type is linear motion shale shaker.

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