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Tips for Shale Shaker Buyers

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Shale shaker is often used for removing solid materials such as rocks, sands, and other particles, it plays an important role in oil drilling. Getting rid of the rock from the oil and help to protect the machine and also avoid the machine being too hot.

Shale shaker has various features and advantages which make it very popular in oil drilling. For example, the motion force is adjustable, you can change it according to the current situation, soup up the power when necessary. Particles can be conveyed in a fast speed because it has high capacity and large heavy load, large sum of fluid and mud cleaner can be transfer in high speed. Some types of shale shaker screen has single side tension system which the screen can be changed quite simple and easy.

For shale shaker buyer, there are several things we need to pay attention to.

First of all, the screen of shale shaker plays a significant role. New types of shale shaker screen model are innovative, and the mesh is designed to be diamond-patterned perforated plate because this pattern can high enhance the separation efficiency and it can extend the service life of shale shaker. Buyers of Derrick shaker can choose shale shaker model which has single side tensioning system. This model can largely shorten the screen panel replacement time. Many companies offer shale shaker with convenient replacement and simple installation. Shale shaker buyer should notice whether the brand provide these things for you. Shale shaker is the first line in oil drilling of solid control system, it can separate solid and liquid in an effective way, oil can be left and small solid materials are blocked on the surface of the mesh screen.

Here let me introduce an adjustable system of shale shaker. This type of shale shaker is very special because the screen basket can be adjusted easily even though the device is working. There are two vertical columns in it which is connected to the base of the shale shaker. Different rotating solid control equipment have different moving position and also the screen can move upward or downward.

Using shale shaker can largely improve the working efficiency, especially in oil drilling, there are usually many heavy and large items mixed in it. With a shale shaker, vibrating motion can separate solid from oil and this is very economic. Shale shaker move in a linear because it is designed with dual motor operating principle, the two motors can work automatically at the same time. Most type of shale shaker screen is exchangeable and can be used in many different shale shakers.

Different companies many chose different structural design and select different material for the shale shaker, therefore shale shaker buyer should decide which type of feature your shaker is going to have. Maximum energy and removal ability is different based on your selection and requirement. When choosing shale shaker screen, robotic welding type will be better because the screen is more durable and can survive under undesired environments.

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