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Tips for Repairing the Drilling Equipment

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The drilling equipment is easy to break down after a period of using time. And repairing the drilling equipment cost a lot, so it is necessary for us to repair some little problems ourselves. Therefore, let us find out some tips for repairing the drilling equipments.

First of all, it is necessary to cut off the power supply in the middle of repairing or maintaining the full automatic drilling equipment. And sometimes, if the drilling equipment is unable to start normally, maybe it is the problem of the motor which is the heart of the drilling equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dust on the motor and oil cooler frequently on order to make sure the heat dissipation in a normal way. And rust is a severe problem for the machines, so it is necessary to clean the working table, apply oil on it and use plastic film to pack the working table, which is beneficial to keep the cleanness of the upright and protect the working table from rusted just like the stack sizer . What’s more, it is necessary for all the oil pressure full automatic drilling equipments to match up with according single control residual-current circuit breaker in order to make sure the normal use of the machine tools and the personal safety of the operators. And if the drilling equipment is unable to start, possibly there is something wrong of the power line, do it is necessary to change it in time to make sure the normal running of the drilling equipment.

And another reason that leads to the unable to start is possibly the damage on the contact sites because when pull out the plug, someone is going to pull the electric wires directly. Actually, it is necessary to pull the plug directly in order not to break the contact lines. And after using for a long time, the machines are easy to hard to run, so it is necessary to lube for the drilling equipments at regular intervals. As for the hydraulic system of the full automatic drilling equipment, which is the controller of the drilling equipment, it is necessary to keep it clean. At the first year, it is better to change the oil every half year. And then change oil every one year.

What’s more, the people who maintain or repair the drilling equipment must be those who have professional certificate. The full automatic drilling equipment is a kind of complex machinery. Therefore, although we may know where the problems are, we are unable to repair it rightly.

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