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Tips for DE-1000 Centrifugal Pump Operator

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FHD DE-1000 Decanter centrifuge pump operator

Work in bowl speed is from 0 to 3400 RPM, internal centrifugal acceleration to exceed 2300 grams, DE-1000 Decanter centrifugal pump operator type hydraulic drive (FHD) centrifuge can handle 20 PPG, and weighted mud flocculants superfine solid mud. Self-contained supply pressure in the hydraulic system of hydraulic motor driven conveyor working poor in 3 ~ 90 RPM and bowl. The characteristic of the automatic conveyor feed is used for continuous monitoring and protect the machine overload. FHD centrifuge is designed for minimal maintenance, can be used in class I, group 1, group C and D area. Stainless steel bowl and hardening conveyor brick to ensure long life and minimal maintenance DE - 1000 SB centrifuge

Derek DE-1000 Decanter centrifugal pump operator is delivered for permanent installation on a base of the platform. Rotating device is made of stainless steel watchcase and all guards can provide maximum service life. DE-1000 Decanter centrifugal pump operators have been driven to by a 40 horsepower motor through hydraulic coupling 4000 RPM. Rotating components connected to the gear box, assembly complete pull out the spring load torque.DE-1000 Decanter centrifugal pump operator’s frequency

Variable frequency drives (VFDS) DE - 1000 centrifuge control system, able to handle a wide range of feed slurry, suitable for use in class I, district 1, group D area provides maximum flexibility. Based on Windows PC monitor and control operation of the bowl and conveyor drive motor, and the feed pump. The control system is to be able to in the local and remote control. A user-friendly graphical interface is to provide the operator with information on current system status, and simple operation. The PC provides the key machine operation and status information. Electronic load sensing and feed pump control permits automatic feed rate optimization, drum speed and poor delivery speed. Provided in the bowl and conveyor drive motor speed and torque of direct reading, and provided a GPM supply pump instructions.

To DE-1000 Decanter centrifugal pump operator gear box drives (GBD) 518 centrifuge speed to 4000 RPM, the bowl is made up of 50 horsepower of the electric motor through a fluid coupling, through a drive belt connected to the gear box. Spring loaded torque protection gearbox assembly with manual reset and motor in the case of overload. Control starter is installed in explosion protection box. Start/stop button and a manual switch operating in close proximity.

DE-1000 Decanter centrifugal pump operator variable frequency control system provides a high degree of flexibility; allow it to handle a wide range of feed slurry. Automatic load sensing and feed pump control, easy to realize automation performance optimization. Bowl can operate up to 3000 RPM, 2750 G of centrifugal acceleration. Agitation, rapid removal of solid, so as to adapt to low levels, can work in poor speed conveyor, the range of 1 to 70 RPM. DE - 7200 of the drive system consists of two explosion-proof inverter duty motor. 150 horsepower motor driven bowl, and a 60 horsepower motor operating conveyor belt, machine adopts the pulse width modulation (PWM) ac drives insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) output. To control each motor drives and peripheral equipment, environmental protection hardening of the PLC, DE-1000 Decanter centrifugal pump operator provides the operating flexibility, short-term data storage and display of key parameters, as well as in far away from the remote monitoring and control of centrifuge.

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