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Tips for Choosing the Drilling Equipment

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In the middle of filing pile foundation construction, there are complex craft processes. And in the whole construction process, the key factor is the drilling equipment . Therefore, choosing the drilling equipments is very important. And other craft processes like stack sizer and generator should match up with it. The drilling equipment is the leading machine in the middle of filling pile.

The classifications of the drilling equipment are rotation drilling equipment, impact drilling equipment, casting pipe drilling equipment as well as diving drilling equipment. Different drilling equipments have different working features and range of application. Therefore, the choice of the drilling equipment is the key factor to finish the construction. And there are several principles in terms of choosing the drilling equipment.

1. When choose the types of the drilling equipments, it is possible to choose according to the soil texture including soil and soil layer structure of the drilling places and together with the application ability of all drilling equipments.

2. And the model of the drilling equipment should be decided according to the diameter and depth of the drilling holes.

3. There are drilling heads of different types, so the choice of the drilling heads depends on soil texture structure.

4. In the middle of choosing the drilling equipments, it is possible to consider the difficulty level of the drilling shelves. In addition, the transportation condition of the drilling equipment and the hydrology, soil texture as well as drilling reaction of the installation places of the drilling equipments. The drilling equipments should be simple, reliable as well as convenient.

5. In addition, it is possible to consider that its productivity should conform to the requirements of the progress of works. And under the precondition of making sure the quality and schedule of the construction, the productivity should not be too large. And because drilling equipment with large productivity needs high drilling cost and high building cost.

6. If there should be two more drilling equipments in one construction brigade, it is possible to make sure the uniform types and specifications, which is beneficial to the management. And it is possible to match up with drilling equipments with different types according to construction need.

All in all, in the middle of choosing right drilling equipments, there are many factors should be considered to guarantee the drilling efficiency. And using the proper drilling equipments is also practical and economical.

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