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Tips for Choosing a Decanter Centrifuge

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With the fast improvement and development of main industry in our nation and the world as whole, there are more and more industries require centrifugal pump to facilitate their business efficiency. A decanter centrifuge is a machine which is used in extracting solids from liquids in order to clarifying the liquids. It can be used in a raft of fields including fishing industry, chemical industry, food processing industry and treatment of waste water. The common life span of a decanter centrifuge is nearly twenty years or more. And the life span can be elongated if the machine is properly maintained and carefully used. In this passage, we will have a short introduction of factors in choosing decanter centrifuge for companies which have the mind to purchase a new or a used decanter centrifuge or rent a machine.

When more and more factories need to take buying a decanter centrifuge devise, factors in choosing decanter centrifuge have received more attention. When buying something, the general factors to be taken into consideration is usually the cost of the grocery and the delivery time of the targeted product. So these factors should be primarily taken into account in choosing a decanter centrifuge machine. The machine should absolutely be cost-effective and shorten delivery time. So it can operate in the shortest time span, and the producing process will not be delayed.

In addition, cost and delivery time is not the only factor; we should consider the performance of a machine. The optimum way to ensure a machine’s function is taking the manufacturing company into account. We should choose a reliable and credible brand which has a good reputation. A preferable fame is a sure card of good qualification of the product you want to purchase.

Material of a decanter centrifuge construction also plays a crucial role in choosing a machine. In choosing a decanter centrifuge machine, you should make sure the wet sectors of the machine which you want to buy are made of stainless steel of high quality. Otherwise these parts are easily eroded, and the life span of the product will be shortened.

Factors in choosing decanter centrifuge include its capacity too such as the feed capacity, according to which you can know the volume that the machine can handle per minute. This can vary from five gallons per minute to one thousand gallons per minute. The motor for bowl drive is another capacity data to be considered. And every machine takes different space to operate, so you should choose one according to your factory size.

If you want to choose a used decanter centrifuge machine, you should also ask about the prior application and its operating history of the machine. To make sure the machine you choose is reliable and can be used for a relatively longer time.

Are you planning to buy or to rent a decanter machine now? A decanter centrifuge can help you to facilitate the production process of your company, and I hope this brief introduction of factors in choosing decanter centrifuge can help your purchasing process easier.

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