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Tips for Buying the Drilling Equipment

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The booming of the oil drilling industry is because its stable interest as well as relative profit compared with other industries. And now, a lot of major industries are using full automatic drilling equipments to save production cost as well as labors, which are not willing to work because of large labor intensity. The full automatic drilling equipment is the development tendency of near future and present. And it is the fundamental method to ease the nervous labor force and save production cost. There are many drilling equipments on the market, including manual drilling equipment as well as full automatic drilling equipment. Therefore, how to buy drilling equipment properly?

First of all, it is possible to buy the drilling equipment according to the brands of the full automatic drilling equipment. And there are many brands of drilling equipments. On the market, some brands say they are full automatic drilling equipment, while actually they are just semi-automatic drilling equipment. Therefore, when buying the drilling equipment, it is possible to find out the true characteristics of the drilling equipment through the reputation of the drilling equipment or the quality of other productions such as stack sizer , solid control and so on. Make sure the drilling equipment is in good quality from manufacturing materials to the drilling performance.

Secondly, buy the drilling equipment according to the applications of the drilling equipment. That is to say to choose the drilling equipment according to the depth and diameter of the drilling holes. Different companies have different ser standard of the drilling equipment, leading to different technical index. Therefore, make yourself understood when buy the drilling equipment, or you will get drilling equipment for underground water instead of oil drilling equipment. Therefore, before buy the drilling equipment, there are many preparations you need to do.

The third one is to choose the drilling equipment according to its price. At present, there are a few self-owned brands of the full automatic drilling equipment. Most of the semi-automatic drilling equipments or manual-operation drilling equipments are refitted full automatic drilling equipment. The full automatic drilling equipments are generally numerical controlled or computer controlled, which have strong location function as well as guiding function. For example, some full automatic drilling equipments are able to find the drilling holes themselves instead of moving the bottom platform. The full automatic drilling equipments have large flexibility, high drilling accuracy as well as fast speed. Therefore, you should know the characteristics better to judge whether the price is reasonable.

And the manufacturers are also a important factor that should consider. Some manufacturers who have self-developed technology have good reputation on the market. Therefore, it is better to buy drilling equipment from those manufacturers who have strong production capacity, abundant financial resources, and favorable after-sales service as well as specialized production aptitude and development ability.

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