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Tips for Buying Sand Pump

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The choice of sand pump is according to the characteristic of the pulp which is transferred, such as material particle size, pulp density, hardness, slurry abrasion and so on to determine to type of sand pump. Then choosing the specifications according to the amount of pulp, lift and loss of the pipes.

There are many types of sand pumps; the first one is PS sand pump. It is the most commonly used sand pump of the ore treatment plant, is a kind of centrifugal pump entering through horizontal side and used for transporting slurry and heavy media fillers. Density of pulp can reach 60%~70% by adopting the pressure in feed, and should use a small amount of clear water to lubricate and cool.

The second one is PH sand pump. It is a kind of horizontal single-stage and single-suction centrifugal pump, the biggest particle size is less than 25mm, sand with microcrystalline 50mm can be allowed to pass. When it is working, shaft seal water should be injected over the working pressure of 0.1 MPa.

The third one is PN sand pump. It is a kind of horizontal single-suction centrifugal pump, which can transport the pulp with density of 50%~60%. And the fourth one is PNL sand pump. It is a kind of vertical single-stage centrifugal pump; also the pulp density is 50%~60%.

The fifth one is PNJA and PNJFA sand pump. It is a kind of single-stage and single-suction centrifugal lining rubber pump. PNJA sand pump is special to transport the pulp with corrosive substance. Both of the two pumps transport the pulp with the biggest density of 65%, the temperature will not over 60℃.

The sixth one is PW sand pump, which is a horizontal single-stage cantilecer centrifugal sewage pump. It is suitable for transporting liquid with the temperature under 80℃ with fiber or other suspended matter. This pump should be flowed the working pressure of 0.05~0.1 MPa over the sand pump to lubricate and cool the water.

The seventh one is long axis pump, also called long axis vertical centrifugal pump, which can transport all kinds of pulp and liquid in the factory. The tank of this pump has three types. And the eighth one is foma pump, it belongs to vertical centrifugal pump, which defoamed ratio is over 75 percent with deforming effect.

The function of sand pump usually shows by the water performance curve of flow and head, flow and power, flow and efficiency under specific speed, which reflects the changing regulation.

All the statement above is the type of sand pump, if you want to buy a suitable sand pump, you should know all the functions of different kinds of sand pumps.

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