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Tips for 518 Decanter Centrifuge Operator

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Decanter centrifuge such as 518 centrifuge is a convenient and fast drilling equipment, the advantages of decanter centrifuge to obtain the popularity of petroleum exploration industry.Not only decanter centrifuge save the cost of petroleum exploration, but also improve the production of petroleum. In the meanwhile, it is the right operation of decanter centrifuge that enable the improvement of work efficiency.The following is some tips for decanter centrifuge operator.Using 518 centrifuge as a example.

1.Safe use tips for decanter centrifuge operator like 518 centrifuge

(1)The installation of 518 centrifugeA. Use the appropriate lifting equipment and sling;B. Before the lifting of the lifting point inspection, to ensure that the lifting point intensity is conform to the requirements of the lifting;C. Confirm the installation mesa solid which can enough to bear weight.

(2) Operation of 518 centrifuge

A. All safety guards should be installed and starting the machine when it is strictly prohibited to open the cover;B. Must not touch in the running of the machine drive and rotating parts;C. When the equipment downtime, it is strictly prohibited in any way to brake;D. If there are any abnormal noise and vibration, we should immediately stop and find causes and troubleshooting when in the process of starting and running;E. It is forbidden to exceed the instruction manual and nameplate marking work speed operation.

F.Pay special attention to, electrical wiring and plug plug must be conducted after the level before disconnecting the power supply.

Maintenance of 518 centrifugeA.Only at this level before cut off the power supply and a complete stop of the roller drum can we remove and adjust the machine;B.Open drum cover in the right place and make it fixed in case that the shield suddenly squeezed and hurt the operator.

2.Installation of tips for decanter centrifuge operator like 518 centrifuge

1. PreparationA. Check weather the label on the product nameplate and motor nameplate with the order at the some;B. Removed at the ends of the rotating assembly which under differential and pulley column.

2.Installation of 518 centrifuge mainframeThere are two kinds of installation method: first, ride the two spacing between mud tank and use the reserved space between the two cans to clear residue.;Second, put in the mud tank top and guide the sediment being slide to the grit chamber by homemade trough slip board. The mud outlet with corresponding hose to the surface tank.518 centrifuge should have enough space to maintain and mud entry side should be left free no less than 1100 mm in length in order to pull out the feeding tube.

3.Adjustment tips for decanter centrifuge operator like 518 centrifuge

Drum rotational speed is only allowed in the specification or centrifuge under the range of maximum working speed adjustment.Centrifuge power frequency need to be replaced by larger or smaller diameter of the main belt wheel, at the same time change is longer or shorter triangle tape work method to raise or lower drum rotational speed.Frequency conversion centrifuges by twisting "accelerated" or "slow" knob change drum rotational speed.Therefore, Suggestions according to the separation of purpose or drilling fluid sand content to choose the drum rotating speed.Recycling barite or dealing with a high density mud, for instance, suggest a low speed;To general medium density mud, choose medium or high speed;The low density slurry, selects high speed.

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