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Tips Which Decanter Centrifuge Professionals Tell Us

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With the fast development of decanter centrifuge, more and more manufacturers in many industries take the decanter centrifuge into consideration in the manufacturing process of their companies. And more and more people want to make acquaintance with this kind of high tech machine. At the same time, more factories need to produce this kind of machine, and as a result, there are more decanter centrifuge professionals to be needed in this special industry. In this passage, I will brief you on the principles and hot tips of this devise from a more professional perspective. Maybe it is a little hard to understand, just take it easy. After all, we are not real professionals right?

Operational principles of the decanter centrifuge devise:

This machine is mainly used in the separation of different kinds of objects of different gravity, especially used in purifying suspended solids in liquid. And the separating processes of different kind of objects always happen in a rotating big bowl. The solid phase, which is heavier than the liquid, is collected by a conveyor which is settled inside of the decanter centrifuge machine, and then transported by the interior conveyor. Every machine will be added a poly electric which is opted in according to the type and shape and some other features of the machine to make sure it is the most suitable to the machine. Its use is to facilitate the separation process of the solid and liquid because it can help the decanter centrifuge machine to better catch the solid.

A decanter centrifuge machine consists of nearly fifteen parts, and these parts which in contact with the machine should be made of stainless steel. These parts are main motor, bowl, secured guard, screw, adjustable ring, rotating part, gear box, solid discharging system, feed tube, and major frame, cake discharging system, central discharging system, and dampers and flushing discharging system.

And professionally speaking, the centrifugal pump machine has three main types. They are horizontal type, vertical type and scroll. In a typical vertical decanter centrifuge machine, the gear box and the bowl are suspended under the driving head, and the driving head is linked to the framework of the machine. This type can bear higher temperature and pressure, but this vertical machine is of more cost compared to the other two types. And the vertical decanter centrifuge machine can cause less noise and oscillation than the horizontal type. The horizontal type’s gear box is added to the other end and is operated under critical rate. And the scroll the conveyor is located inside and against the wall. This type of decanter centrifuge machine has higher efficiency compared to the other two kinds.

Here we talked about the professional tips and principles as well as more official classification and composition of a decanter centrifuge machine. Although there are only a short passage which includes little information and introduction of this machine and this industry, I also hope it can broaden you a little more with this decanter centrifuge machine in a wider and professional horizon. And you can make more acquaintance with this complex but very useful and versatile high tech machine.

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