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Tips about Choosing Desanders

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Desanders are widely applied in environment protection, chemical and food areas. People choose a desander to finish the purification process. A good and proper desander will promote your work and save more time and energy. Here are some tips about choosing desanders.

1. You must be sure which area the desander is going to apply in. If you use it in the medicine industry, you can buy the specific desander for medicine. There are a variety of desanders that are specifically designed for some areas such as mining and drilling industries. And there is also a kind of ordinary desander which can be used in many areas. For example, it is able to be used in air condition water treatment, oil and spinning.

2. Do you know the hydrocyclone desander? It is an advanced desander that is economic and effective. It is known that there are generally two kinds of desanders. The simple cyclone desander is used for sandy material. The cyclone desander is used for fine sand. Now the hydrocyclone desander is new, which separates solid particles from the drilling fluids. Because it contains more innovations and it degasses more ideal, more and more people choose this desander. The hydrocyclone desander is based on density difference and centrifugal sedimentation. The equipment will release strong rational motion if water fluid reaches it. Since the solid control system of sand and water is different (water is of low density, and sand is of high density), water will rise and sand will sink into the bottom and be filtered out when centrifugal force functions.

3. When you choose desanders, the cost must be considered. At present, the internet helps us to have a clear idea about how much a desander actually cost so you don’t have to worry about the price. You should do enough research before you buy it. Basically, you should at least go to 3 or 5 stores that sell desanders. And if you search the internet, you need more. And the store must have a good reputation. A store of a good reputation generally has a lot of orders and good feedback.

4. Desanders which are easy to handle and maintain are what you should choose. How do you know whether a desander is easy to operate? You can make comparisons about expansion pipe, buffer tank or VSM shaker. The better desander is of smaller volume and its treating capacity is larger. Some desanders are used to deal with river water or well water degassing. You should choose those desanders that can have a large application range. They can filter coal washing water and even separate solid liquid degassing.

In a conclusion, when you decide to buy desanders, there are a lot of factors that you should pay attention to. If you are careful in choosing desanders, it will save you a lot money and energy in a long term.

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