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Three Developed Shear Pump

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Drilling fluid shear pump is composed of an impeller, a combined belt, a support part, a drive shaft, a volute, a pulley and a motor. It is different from the shear pump impeller. Its structure is more complicated and it has a higher efficiency. There are five parts of its: an axial flow turbine, a liquid storage tank, pump wheels, a pressurized cabin and a shearing plate. The axial flow turbine, pump wheel and a liquid storage tank are made with stainless steel casting as a whole, giving itself a compact structure.
To learn about the development of shear pump, we will first focus on a JQB type shear pump. It is designed and produced according to the actual production requirements of lubricating oil and grease industry and is mainly applied to the transportation of oil, liquid soap, lubricating oil during the process of butter, glass, fat and oil.
This JQB type shear pump is mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, gear, the original motivation components, seal sleeve, and bottom. Its simple and compact structure makes itself easy and convenient for the installation and maintenance.
Here is another type of shear pump, and you will be able to learn more about the development of shear pump from now on. This pipeline type sand pump is great equipment that could transport one phase to another rapidly and efficiently. Normally, one phase cannot be put into another phase, but when the external energy is added, two kinds of material could become homogeneous. The high frequency mechanical effect and high tangential velocity produced by the high-speed rotation of the rotor could form a suspension which includes solid and liquid at the same time, or form an emulsion which is consisted of liquid or foam which includes gas and liquid. And then it is able to produce fine products after a serious of complex process.Together with the development of shear pump comes the birth of this EDL1000 series pipeline type shear pump. It can produce emulsion and suspension with particles of a large or a narrow size, while the range of distribution is narrow. It has a high shearing rate, ensuring the stability of the mixed liquid.
The measuring medium this shear pump uses is water and the processing capacity of this pump is determined by its material. This series of model have the ability of short range feeding, while has no self-priming function. And it only works when it is highly fed; when it is impossible to be normally fed, the material must be fed through pressure. The pump and the rate of flow are selected by models that match.
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