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The Working Procedure of the Centrifugal Pump

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Just like the sand pump as well as the mission pump , a centrifugal pump transforms mechanical power from a motor into the power of a moving flow. A part of the power goes into the energy of motion of the fluid motion, and some power goes into potential power such as the hydraulic head pressure or by raising the fluid to a higher height in order to against the earth’s gravity.

The transmission of power from the mechanical spinning of the vane wheels to the movement and pressure of the flow is usually defined as the centrifugal power, especially in earlier sources which are written before the modern idea of the centrifugal power as a fictional power in a spiral reference structure was well connected. Generally, the concept of centrifugal power is not actually necessary to define the movement of the centrifugal pump.

The discharge pressure is a mirror of the pressure that uses the centrifugal power that bends the way of the flowing water to move in a round way inside the centrifugal pump. On the other hand, many people regard the centrifugal power as an outer power that is created inside the wheels. And it is to be understood that this outer force is created through the centrifugal power. It is the best understanding of the fictional force in the reference model of the spiral wheels, while the actual energies on the water are carrying out inward movement or centripetal movement, because this is the direction of energy that needs to let the water move in a round way. This energy is offered by a pressure meter that is built by the cycle, where the pressure at the outer part and at the walls of the spiral shape, can be regarded as a passive centrifugal power. This was the feature of works in the nineteenth to early twentieth century, together with the concepts of centrifugal power in common define of the results.

People discussed and debated for a long time on how a centrifugal pump works. Different schools have different ideas. For example, in 1873, the American Expert Committee sent a report to the Vienna exhibition. The report claimed that they gave the centrifugal the wrong name, because they were not driven by the centrifugal power at all. They are driven by pressure just like a spiral water wheel. After when people fully understand their methods of running, we may be able to do improvement.

This outstanding report was printed in a government publication, written by men who were experts in mechanics, and we can only condemn the innocence as well as the arrogance of the commission who abandoned a topic for twenty years before carrying out entire researches. The most astonishing part is, however, that this report was passed and signed by men who we can hardly suppose would fail to perceive its absurdity.

And what is the most absurd is that people who written this report are people we would and will never consider that they will be such ignorant.

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