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The Working Principle of the Shaker Screen

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Actually, the shaker screen is a kind of device that is suitable for filtering materials that are hard to screen. And it is the advanced shaker screen at present in domestic market. In addition, the shaker screen has the features of large amplitude, large vibration intensity, lower frequency as well as elastic screening surface. Actually, the shaker screen belongs to one  shaker . And the shaker screen is always keep the maximum aperture ratio in the middle of working process, so as to reach the goal of high screen efficiency, large processing ability as well as convenient exchange, reducing the production cost. And the oversized screen surface and large processing ability of the shaker screen are able to meet the production requirements of scene. And the structure of the shaker screen adopts multistage screen vibration and the tank and frame do not participate in movement methods of the vibration to upsize the screen.

Nearly all the shaker screen has the same shaker screen working principle. And the shaker screen can be classified into mining vibrating screen and light refined vibrating screen according to different weight application. And during the operation of the shaker screen, the reverse rotation of two motors makes the exciter create reverse excitation force, which pushes the screen to drive the screen move in a longitudinal way. The shaker screen working principle is suitable for filtering sands on stone pit. And it is also possible for industries like mining, building materials, electric power as well as chemical engineering to level. And the working parts controlled by the shaker screen working principle are fixed and depends on the sliding of the materials following the working face to filter the materials.

The static grizzly is one of the popular applications among all kinds of mining. And it is \generally used to prescreening before coarse crushing or secondary crushing. And it has the features of simple mix and convenient manufacturing. Nearly all the shaker screens have the same shaker screen working principle. However, in order to meet the requirements of different working conditions, it is necessary to use shaker screen with different classifications.

In addition, although different shaker screens have different functions, they have nearly the same shaker screen working principle. Therefore, each part of the shaker screen working principle is able to influence the performance of the shaker screen. So it is necessary to protect every part of the shaker screen working principle to make sure the quality of the whole working performance.

Apart from this, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the shaker screen as well. Based on the shaker screen working principle, it is necessary for the shaker screen to operate according to regulated rules.

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