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The Working Principle of The Drilling Equipment

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It is well known to us that the drilling equipment is made up with air power, hydraulic, generator, solid control equipment, draw works, traveling block, hook, rotary drilling pumps, power units and other auxiliary equipment and other components. Up to know, you have known it is a very complex machine. Generally speaking, the main requirements for the drilling equipment are as follows.

Firstly, it is important for the drilling equipment to have a lifting capacity and lifting speed. Secondly, it should have a rotary drilling ability which can supply torque and speed. Thirdly, the drilling equipment should be used to wash the well which can supply the pressure and displacement so that the broken rock debris can be taken out of the ground. Finally, it goes without saying that it should own the ability to close the well.

Now, I will tell you how to use the drilling equipment. At the very beginning, as we all know, the work method of the drilling equipment is pump suction reverse circulation. That is to say, the work principle is that with the pressure of air, the circulating fluid flow into the bottom of well. Then the wheel drive drill pipe. Next the bit begins to work. After that the mud pump takes the clastic into the drill pipe internal and rise to the faucet. Finally, it will flow into the bottom of well.

The drilling equipment is made up with 6 systems, which are as follows. One is the system to improve, one is the system to rotate, one is the system to recycle, one is the system to drive, one is the pneumatic system, and another is the auxiliary facilities. Human beings always use the first system to raise the cement. What is worthy to say is that the type a is from the ground segment. After assembling the machine on the ground, people will use the winch and the power hydraulic buffer to rise. When the hoist up and down, the drilling crew cadres should be responsible for the command in order to make sure the safety and balance. After this part, worker will use the recycle system which includes the rotary table and faucet to transfer the drilling fluid. At the same time, you should make sure the drilling is recycling all the time. Then it is necessary for you to use the drilling pump and drilling fluid purification equipment to make sure the process of recycling. Finally, you have to take attention to the drive system, which’s pneumatic and pipe joint are very important in safety.

Different drilling equipment has different drilling equipment usages. Before choose the machine, you should take care of the types. There are many types for you to choose, it is important to know where you will use the machine, the desert, mountain, desert or the sea.

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