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The Working Principle of Shear Pump

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Don’t worry about the problems of drilling fluid, because shear pump will give a good change of drilling fluid which is separated into 3 Drilling by the dispersion medium (continuous phase) can be divided into water-based drilling fluids, oil based drilling fluids, drilling fluids and other type of gas with Mainly by the drilling liquid, solid and chemical treatment agent. The liquid may be water (fresh water, brine), oil (crude oil, diesel oil), or emulsion (emulsion and contaminated inverting emulsion). Solid phase includes useful solid phase (bentonite, heavier materials) and unwanted solid phase (rock). Treatment chemicals, includes inorganic, organic and polymer compounds parts. Drilling by the dispersion medium and additives dispersed.

Shear pump is a specialized polymer and clay for cutting and site use and theory has proven effective machinery

The working principle of the lesson is really complex.

Shear pump can provide polymers (also for clay) to provide high shear rapid hydration and solve outstanding problems polymer (or clay) in the drilling fluid or completion fluid due to poor hydration exist. Meanwhile, the use of shear pump can reduce the amount of more than 15% of polymer, bentonite consumption decreased by 30%, and improved the flow of mud cake and losses, lower than the rate of drilling fluid shear, improve gel strength, reached similar foreign advanced level of products, which is more reliable seal structure, with excellent performance, easier to maintain.

Knowing the high body, what is the function?

1 A shear pump can greatly enhance the degree of hydration of earth-moving particles.

Bentonite particles dispersed in water and the degree of hydration depends on: the electrolyte content in the water, time, temperature, amount and concentration of the surface can be replaced by cations.

2 shear pumps can soon shear thinning polymer hydration.

The molecular weight of the polymer used in the slurry is high, difficult to directly join the hydration of the polymer and therefore require pre-cut.

3 provide a higher shear displacement pump and head to meet the requirements of slurry preparation and handling.

Shear pump is designed to provide quick preparation and handling mud new equipment, to meet user requirements formulated high performance mud. In the fierce market competition in the drilling, greatly reducing the slurry preparation time will bring good economic enterprises.

Generally speaking, according to the properties, shear pump is really holy and surprising in the drilling fluid. Without shear pump, drilling fluid may be no with high quality. So shear pump is really necessary in the working of oil. Thanks to the quick development of drilling fluid, shear pump should be promoted.

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