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The Working Principle and Importance of Vacuum Degasser

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With the rapid development of the vacuum degasser , more and more people are focusing their attention on the machine. They are eager to know the working principle and the importance of the vacuum degasser.

If we have all vacuum degassers in refrigeration or heating system removed, whether in the refrigeration or heating system will be in the presence of air. That will seriously affect the work of the system and make partial or whole system circulation unsmooth, resulting not hot in heating system and not cold in refrigeration system.

At the same time, as the water contains oxygen which will cause heating (cooling) equipment, pipe and steel radiator getting oxygen corrosion, the whole system may broke down for perforation and water leakage. Gas in the system will also cause pump corrosion, directly affecting the safety of the whole system. Vacuum degasser quickly removals free gas and dissolved gas in the system allowing the system the safe and reliable operation, in vacuum degassing as its name implies.

Vacuum degasser working principle

According to Henry's law, the gas solubility in water is related with water temperature and pressure. At a certain temperature, gas solubility be proportional to the gas pressure; under a certain pressure, when the water temperature decreases, increases the solubility of gas; When the water in low pressure, soluble gas in water separates out and achieve the requirement we want.

Vacuum degasser uses vacuum to release free and dissolved gas in water, and then discharge them through the automatic exhaust valve system. At the same time, the degassed water will be injected into system. This low gas content water is not saturated with highly absorbent for gas, it will absorb the gas in the system to achieve the gas water balance. Vacuum degassing machine repeats this cycle every 20~30 seconds. This movement in circles removes all the gas in the system.

Technical characteristics of vacuum degasser

1. Can greatly advance the first exhaust after first water injection for heating or cooling system, which is conducive for the initial system commissioning.

2. Remove gas in the system and prevent the air resistance, to ensure the system is stable and reliable during the normal operation.

3. Eliminate the pump cavitation, reduce operating noise.

May this information about the working principle and the importance of the vacuum degasser will help you!

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