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The Working Drilling Equipment Working Principle

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The drilling equipment is a kind of machine to produce forming and finish holes in a workpiece. And recently, the drilling equipment has been widely used in the industrial factory. Though the drilling equipment is common, this machine is also a little special. And the attention of drilling equipment working principle is to use for drilling related operation.

The drilling equipment achieve the aim that drilling rock though the necessary drilling speed, torque, drilling bit pressure in order to break down the rock. And the circulation system of drilling equipment can timely cleaning the bottom of debris, and carries out of the ground. Besides, the lifting system can hoist shaft the drill string and lower the drill string with a certain speed.

The drilling equipment working principle is simple. The entire job or work piece is fixed on the work table in the factory. And opposite to lathe machine, at the work piece or job is fixed at the work table. When you operate the drilling equipment, the tool rotating at high speed, is fed into work piece.

And there are many kinds of drilling equipment working principle in accordance to the use of it. The main types of drilling equipment is the drilling head, the feeding mechanism, supporting column, chuck or tool holder and work table with tee slots and so on. Though the types of drilling equipment are different, the attention of drilling equipment working principle is similar. So the matters of working principle are important.

And there are many system of drilling equipment. And the drilling equipment working principle is different. So if you want to be aware of the drilling equipment working principle in detail, you‘d better to know the different system of it. First, the rotating system is the rig wellhead turntable. When the machine is rotating, the rotating drill and bit drilling can be driven by the rotating system. And the improving system involves the winch, derrick and crown block and traveling block.

The mud circulating system is involved in the drilling equipment. The working principle of it is mainly referred to the working of mud pump. The mud pump pit mud from the mud pool, and pour the mud to the drill string though the ground pipe, hose and faucet. And all the system work together to make the drilling equipment more effective you should know.

Because the drilling equipment working principle is simple, the operation of it is also easily. There is only one workpiece of hand feed mechanism. So this enables the worker to control the down feed pressure through feeling of the cut. And the drill presses can be manufactured in the bench or floor models, in other words, the base of machine can be mounted on the bench or floor. This can mostly save the room in the factory. So many factories choose the drilling equipment due to its many advantages.

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