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The Working Conditions of Sand Pump

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Sand pump makes open cast oil mining rather attractive with a relatively low cost to deal with why to maintain mud agitator. Nevertheless, the sulfur content in some oil reserves can be high and the ash yield is about four times that of a medium grade of coal with the similar sulfur content rate. This fact might make the sand pump usage in exploring oil shale a bit difficult and expensive compared with other kinds of solid fuel. Compared with Colorado shale oil, the deposit in South Africa has less nitrogen, which is good for refining after using sand pump at a lower pour point. This is mainly because the sand pump flows at lower temperatures and lower initial boiling point. At the same time, with the help of sand pump, the final oil drilling products may contain lighter hydrocarbons, which is generally good for buyers by saving energy. Thanks to sand pump, the product is also lighter in weight and contains about five times as much sulfur. The lowered sulfur content is a very beneficial feature, because it will not makes the oil corrosive and unstable. What is more, thanks to the sand pump, the cost of oil refining can be largely reduced and it is almost certain for the finished products to meet modern quality standards in why to maintain mud agitator.

This is because sand pump can reduce the amount of sulfur so as to inhibit the potential use of the crude shale oil as a fuel in a range of industrial or utility applications. When the crude shale oil is distilled after the sand pump, the sulfur can be distributed through all of the fractions, which is especially true in heavy cuts. This would require further treatment of the sand pump by upgrading and using special configuration in refineries in order to meet more stringent specifications of the shear pump refined products. As a consequence, the associated costs of sand pump will not be escalated. Tests with sand pump and oil shale have indicated that circulating fluidized bed combustion boilers are more suitable than traditional fuel power boilers because they can burn larger fuel particles in a more complete manner. At the same time, they can be used to tolerate variations in sand pump and fuel properties in terms of the operating rates with rather low technical risks. Sand pump is also less susceptible to fouling and produces less air pollution in a wide range of sizes. That is why sand pump is now widely used commercially for various fuels and are used to generate electricity from oil shale by several firms despite the levels of ash and sulfur in some cases.

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