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The Work Responsibility and Task of Mud Agitator Users

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The importance of the drilling mud can be imagined that because of drilling mud is called the blood of the project of drilling. It is general knows that the conditions in the wells are very complicated and invisible. Drilling the well deeper the more can reflect the importance of drilling fluid for drilling. Therefore, in drilling engineering, mud engineer takes a high responsibility to test and debug the mud and mud agitator. That is also the reason why engineers or mud agitator users are required to obey strict requirements.

First of all, the work responsibilities of the mud engineer should be clear. The first one is the direct responsibility of the maintenance and processing on the properties of mud. The second is to implement monitoring for tripping monitor and grouting. The third is to keep using the mud conditioner and performance meets the design responsibility of mud agitator users, makes up bear direct responsibility. The last but not the least, the responsibility of monitoring instruments used for maintenance, maintenance and the accuracy and reliability of data recording.

After having a clear work responsibility of mud engineer, the mud agitator users should understand the work task in the drilling project. In the shift patrol inspection, the mud agitator user need to accept mud technician’s (monitor) instruction, check various reports, drug reserves and mud measuring instruments. To have a good understanding of the strata, the latest condition of the well, the properties of mud and a wide knowledge of how to maintain and process mud property in a proper way are the task of a mud engineer as well. Another work task is the safekeeping and use mud treating agent and raw materials. The next is to check the slurry preparation and purification system equipment operating conditions, and then fill in all kinds of reports. All mentioned task above including tripping, casing and cementing operations need to adhere to a solid system.

However, how to evaluate a responsibility of mud agitator users user whether is an excellent mud engineer? There are some criteria to assess. Whether the mud agitator user strictly carries out engineering design, block scheme and technical measures and maintain mud performance with a serious attitude in order to make sure it meets the drilling safety, high quality, fast and efficient or not. Whether the user strictly compliance with the operation procedures and work instructions or not. Every shift the mud agitator user needs to check the complete set of mud agitator at least three times. If the performance of the mud agitator is not up to standard, the user should report the problem in a timely manner so as to avoid some special complex situation happen. Every time to adjust the mud system, processing mud property and aggravating should report in time. Timely analysis should be done when the mud performance cannot meet the requirement of the formation. All the records must be written both on the paper and in computer and keep in touch with the related staff before dealing with the mud.

If a mud agitator user have a good performance in the above three aspects, including work responsibility, work task and the criteria, not only can make the oil drilling equipment (especially oil solids control equipment) efficient use, but also let drilling engineering works in a smoothly progress, so as to ensure the success in mud drilling project.

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