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The Way to Use Centrifugal Pump

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The performance and quality of solid control equipment is the key to solid control technology. Among them, there are three mainly pars of the purification treatment equipment that is, vibrating screen, degasser, centrifuge pump. Centrifuge pump uses impeller rotating to centrifuge the water to work. Before start the water pump, fill the pump case and slouch with water, then start the motor, let the impeller and water do high-speed rotary motion. Then the water is doing centrifugal movement. This text we will focus on stating how to use centrifugal pump.

How to use centrifugal pump in terms of diversion

1. The diversion of driver and the diversion of pump are opposite.

2. Find out the diversion of pipeline pump and coaxial pump.

How to use centrifugal pump in terms of every part

1. Every fixed connecting part should not be loose. The standard and quantity adder to every smooth part should be agree with the rules of equipment technical file.

2. Parts which need pre smooth should suspend pre smooth according to the rules.

How to use centrifugal pump in terms of indicator

The maintenance and installation of every indicator should be sensitive, accurate and reliable.

How to use centrifugal pump in terms of cold pump

Before test run, cold pump should suspend pump body warm. The temperature should rise even less than 500℃ per hour. The temperature difference between the pump surface and the process pipeline should be less than 4090.

How to use centrifugal pump in terms of revolving

1. Stop revolving with no water. Do not cut down the flow rate. Suspend revolving with low flow rate.

2. Monitoring the revolve process. Suspend the stuffing box leaking thoroughly. Change the new stuffing when charging.

How to use centrifugal pump in terms of others

1. Make sure there is abundant stream when sealing the machine.

2. Do not use too much lubricant.

3. Suspend according to the recommended cycle. Record the running time. Record the adjustment and change of the stuffing. Record the suction and discharge pressure, the flow and the input power of centrifugal pump. Record the temperature and the vibration condition of lotion and bearing.

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