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The Way of Using Sand Pumps

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Sand pump is widely used in all production fields, such as pumping mud, river sand pump, mine mining, oil pumping sand, and its using methods can be roughly divided into six kinds.

1. Direct discharging -- a sand pump directly discharge the mud to the designated location.

2. Relaying pumping -- when a sand pump discharge distance is far away and beyond the suction pump direct discharge efficiency limit, adopt relay pumping to improve the efficiency discharging. One relay, two or even more, more contacts, the farther sand can be discharged to, which does not need high pressure pump flushing. The relaying way includes pool relaying, docking and station relaying. The pool relaying is the first choice that multi pumps can work together in one pool; high-power pump relaying is always used for high efficiency and low cost.

3. Digging (suction) and blowing -- if the construction area without soil or sand source, dig (suction) soil and sand in the distant and transport to construction by a sand suction pump, then transport to the designated place to do reclamation or filling bag.

4. Tide construction scheme -- the sea (River) beach sand pumps are influenced by tide in which a sand suction pump is anchored on the beach, when the tide rise the pump floats, when tide goes down go on the work. This technique is more used in land reclamation project. Because the more earth dug, the more water in the hole, the time of pumping water is longer, the work time is shorter, so the sand suction pump need to be moved more frequently, generally two or three boomers a movement. Excavation areas will be in the shape of honeycombs, which will have a great influence on the safety and efficiency of construction.

5. Washing mud and filling bags construction scheme -- a sand pump suck the slurry filling to the geotextile bag making it consolidating into designed shape. The construction method of washing mud and filling bags is far more complex, so technical and safety requirements are very high. Analysis of meteorological, hydrological, geological, and other natural conditions have been taken into consideration; engineering design, project node requirements; cloth, sand selection, a sand suction pump number and distribution as a homework chain, no matter which link will directly affect the success or failure of the project.

6. Underwater sand suction -- underwater sand suction branch includes cover suction, straight suction and washed suction. The common aspect of them is that they need to operation with the working ship. It can not only directly discharge but also can blow suction operation. But the concentration of mud draw is not high and the influence of wave and tide are larger.

Hope these using methods of sand pumps will do help to you!

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