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The Useful Drilling Equipments Types

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There are many types of the useful drilling equipment .First, we introduce the drilling equipment. Drilling equipment is equipment that uses the machinery equipment drill into a project which has a certain depth of cylindrical hole. According to the breaking methods of the rock and the types of the tools, drilling equipments can be divided into drilling and rotary drilling. In geological work, use the drilling equipment to drill down a circular hole that the diameter is small and the depth is larger, also called drilling. Size of drilling diameter and depth depends on the drilling purpose and mineral buried depth and so on. Drilling for oil, gas and water mud gun is larger.

There are many types of the useful drilling equipment. According to the use or exploration drilling, drilling equipment is usually divided into geological survey, hydrogeology drilling, and water well, or engineering geological drilling, geothermal well drilling, oil drilling, coal field drilling, drilling, drilling construction ground, etc. Types of the useful drilling equipment are various.

Next, we introduce the development prospects of various types of the useful drilling equipment. The key technology of drilling operation includes producing and maintaining underbalanced conditions, well control technology, the ground of the output fluid processing and electromagnetic MWD technology, etc. By 2006, underbalanced drilling technology progress are mainly concentrated in well control, drilling fluid, program design, special tools, etc. Abroad has been able to use a new generation of underbalanced drilling technology maturely. It is becoming more and more widely. The application scope of the United States has put it as a need of drilling technology in the 21st century.

Types of the useful drilling equipment are various. Underbalanced drilling technology developed rapidly since entering the 21st century. By the end of 2006, the technology has been adopted to complete more than 60 Wells. The equipment is mainly introduced. In xinjiang, the central plains, dagang, shengli oil field introduce a batch of equipment. Such as drill has become a batch of underbalanced shaker screen, and has a certain experience. By 2006, dagang oil field has introduced three sets of main underbalanced unit, and set up specialized technical services team, but from the equipment and the experience has the very good foundation.

With the development of the society, the drilling equipment is more and more popular. A diversity of drilling equipment meets the public demand for various types of equipment. With the development of science and technology, drilling equipment types will be more and more complete.

I believe that in the future, the development of drilling equipment will be getting better and better. Drilling equipment is the product of modern science and technology. Drilling equipment seized the social trend. Drilling equipment will have a bright future .The type of drilling equipment will be more and more rich.

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