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The Usages of Shaker Screen

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In the field of industries, shaker screen is widely used all round the world because of its irreplaceable functions and advantages. In fact, shaker screen has played an important role in oil drilling, coal mining and many other heavy industries, which directly affect the energy of the whole country. Thus it’s really worthy to know what a shaker screen is and understand how it works. Here are some basic introduction about shaker screen in case that if you are looking for some knowledge on shaker screen.

Generally speaking, when the original materials firstly come out of the underground, they are just plenty of mix, which can not be used at once. Therefore, people process the mix with shaker screen in order to separate different substances, which is also one of the major usages of shaker screen. To understand the work model of shaker screen, there is a word we should know before, which means “drilling fluids”. Drilling fluids have many important effects on mining and drilling, which can not only control the temperature of drill so as to protect the rig and workers, but also can bring the drilling cuttings out of the bore hole and the well. For the reason that the drilling fluids are not normal water but a special solution worth a lot of money, commonly people need to recollect it. Besides, to protect environment also needs people to reuse the drilling fluids. Well, the fluids will be processed firstly by shaker screen. When processing the fluids with shaker screen, the fluids will be deposited into some container perhaps called fluid tank or something else. However, the remaining solids will be continually disposed of until the target materials people people want are selected out from the mix. These useful materials will be collected for the next procession. Because almost every industrial production has to use the shaker screen to get what people want from the mix. Hence the shaker screen is aways regarded as one of the most important instruments in solid control system. With the rapid development of technology and market, there’re some reputed and famous shaker screens. King cobra screen and Mongoose PT screen are two successful kinds of shaker screens which are welcome and popular for many years, demonstrating their high quality and reliable performance. However, king cobra screen and mongoose pt screen have different features. If you are interested about these two kinds of shaker screen, you can visit their website that you can easily find by searching on Google or Baidu.

On the basis of basic introduction above, you may already have some concepts about what a shaker screen can do practically. Anyway, also there’re a great many of information you should know before buying shaker screen. So keep studying!

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