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The Usage of the Mud Agitator in Drilling of the Oil Field

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The mud agitator belongs to important equipment in drilling of the oil field to screen and filter solid and liquid. However, in order to stir different materials for different stirring purposes, it is possible to choose mud agitator with different sizes and types.

The first usage of mud agitator is the mutual miscibility of the liquids. It is possible to mix two liquids or several liquids, but it is possible to distinguish whether there is chemical reaction in homogeneous phase. If there is no chemical reaction existing, generally it is called the blend and mix of the mutually miscible liquids. However, if there is chemical reaction such as transposition reaction and addition reaction, it is possible to stir in order to complete the reaction. This kind of stirring is different from that of the mutual miscible liquid that has no chemical reaction. And the measurement of the stirring effect is mixture time. The less the stirring time is, the better the mud agitator chooses.

And it is also possible to scatter liquids that are not miscible to each other. This kind of usage of the brant screen mud agitator is to make the liquids that are not miscible to each other make sure mutual contact and mutual sufficient dispersion, which is beneficial to chemical reaction or emulsified liquid. When carrying out extraction, mass transfer and chemical reaction under the function of stirring, the evaluation index is mass transfer speed and reaction time. At this time, the function of the stirring is to scatter and refine the liquids, enlarge liquid phase contact area, enlarge mass transfer coefficient and reaction speed. In addition, when preparing for the emulsified liquid, the stirring is able to refine the liquid and enlarge the contact area.

Another usage of the mud agitator like brant screen mud agitator in oil drilling is to stir materials that are similar to immiscible liquids. This kind of usage of the mud agitator is able to make the gas become the refined bubble to scatter equally in liquid, forming solid dispersate or improving mass transfer coefficient. In addition, this kind of stirring can strengthen the reaction between gas and liquid. And the measurement of this kind of usage of the mud agitator is that when the gas flow rate is fixed, the segregation effect of gas in liquid is better with high mass transfer rate.

What’s more, it is possible to filter solid and liquid through the mud agitator. The stirring of solid and liquid material has wide applications, preparing for suspension liquid or the solution of the solids or reaction between solid and liquid, washing of the solid in liquid and dissolving crystals from supersaturated solution. Although these usages of the mud agitator have different purpose, they have the same one requirement that is to suspend the solid particles in liquids uniformly. And the measurement of them is the suspension level of the solid particles in liquid.

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