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The Understanding of the Mud Agitator

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The mud agitator is to keep the uniformity of the drilling liquid and suspend the solid particles so as to carry out continuous and reliable oil drilling activity to the drilling fluid. And the mud agitator is mainly used to stir and mix the drilling fluid to prevent the solid parts of the drilling fluid being deposited in the tank circulation system, making sure the stable performance of circulation drilling fluid and uniform mixture.

In order to know what is mud agitator, it is possible to know the feature of the mud agitator.

1. The mud agitator adopts arc hollow flank worm reducer with circular arc cylindrical worm as axle section. And the worm gear tooth form should be circle that clutches to the worm. Therefore, the performance as well as the efficiency of the convex-concave engage is high with compact mix.

2. Using reducer to cooperate with explosion proof electric machine is able to benefit maintenance, which is able to be suitable for the field poor working condition.

3. The stirring strength is large with wide impact scope and reduce the starting resistance at the same time.

4. And the motor is placed in horizontal way with convenient installation, adjustment as well as exchange.

5. The mud agitator is equipped with shaker screen with high working efficiency and quality.

Another aspect to know what is mud agitator is to know the working principle of the mud agitator. The mud agitator is composed of explosive proof electric motor, reducer, and engine base as well as impeller elements. Both of the reducer and impeller axle are able to connect through rigid coupling. And the impeller is welded by four blades. The working principle of the mud agitator is that the impeller is able to create vortex action of the drilling fluid so as to increase stirring effects. And the tray between blades is able to prevent the solid particles from depositing to the surroundings of the bottom blades when halting the mud agitator. In this way, it is possible to reduce the resistance torque of the sediments to blades when starting, so as to avoid overload and burn the electric machine.

Another aspect to know what is mud agitator is to know the maintenance step of the mud agitator.

1. When installing mud agitator, it is possible to hang the mud agitator levelly and place in on the places that are going to be installed mud agitator on steadily. After adjusting coaxiality, it is possible to weld four seats on the tank and screw and fasten the bolts.

2. The rigid coupling of the mud agitator should be stable and reliable through installing spring pad, or it is possible to cause deflection of the axles and accelerate the wear off of the reducer.

3. If there are some strange phenomena during the operation of the mud agitator like high temperature, noises as well as blockage, it is possible to halt the mud agitator to check and eliminate the faults immediately.

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