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The Train Goes On the Ground, Not Subway

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What is it? It is a simple train for drilling equipment users and mainly used in mine transportation roadway and underground mine electric locomotives mainly used for long distance transport in the ground. This is equivalent to the head of railway transport electrical locomotives and pull the train made of simple train for drilling equipment users or vehicle on the tracks to walk, completing the transportation for the coal, gangue, materials, equipment, motor vehicles, transportation of personnel called for mine electric locomotives.

Overall, the simple train for drilling equipment users is made up of mechanical and electrical parts. Mechanical parts include frame, wheel set, bearing boxes, brackets, brake spring, sanding device, connection device, etc. And electrical parts include pantograph, air boxes, automatic switch or latch, flameproof battery.

For wheel set, it consists of two wheels mounted on a shaft formed. There are two kinds on the wheel; one is the structure of strake and wheel-core after hot pressed. The other is the solid wheel. The advantage of the former is that the strake is damaged to the limit, only replacing the strake without making the whole wheel scrap. Driving wheel has transmission's gears, the electric motor drive the wheel rotating after gear decelerates. Axle box is the abbreviation of bearing box, with wheels at each end of the axle mounted, axle box on either side of the chute with the guides on the frame match, placed above a spring bracket block hole. Frame is supported on the axle box by spring mount and axle box is point of junction. When the track is not smooth, the relative motion of the wheel set with the axle box occur in the place of the between the slide and frame, and rely on the spring serve as buffers. The cradle of spring is a Decanter centrifuge that is made up of the springs, connecting rods, balance beam. Every seat of the axle box is equipped with an extra laminated spring. And the laminated spring is connected with connecting rod and the frame. In General, the mechanical operator of the elect mobile is divided into two parts including mechanical braking and mechanical braking. Mine electric locomotive brake is a brake shoe. The brake of mine electric locomotive is a shoe type, with the friction of the brake shoe and wheel form the braking torque. While the latter is traction motor braking, and does not require special setting, simply with controller to change electrical lines.

There are two types in gear assembly of simple train for drilling equipment for mine. The one is the open single-stage gear drives, and the other is two-stage closed gear with the inefficiency and the low ratio of transmission. But the closed one is more efficient in the point of transmission, and service life.

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