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The Tips That Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturers Need to Care

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The decanter centrifuge is very useful and reliable in separating solid from liquid, and it is of high reliance, efficiency and continuity. The decanter centrifuge can be used in a whole raft of industries. As a matter of fact, there are also a lot of decanter centrifuge factories which specializes in making decanter centrifuge at the same time. But there are many tips which these manufacturers need to pay much attention to in order to produce high-efficient decanter centrifuge.

Essential tips for best performance of decanter centrifuge:

1) The centrifuge power needed for the sedimentation of the solid.

2) The purification field which is necessary to catch the solids.

3) The special velocity which is needed in the transportation of the solids out of the decanter.

4) The hydrodynamic format which is of great importance in determining the exact areas for the turbulence.

5) The design of the beach part and conveyor which are very crucial in determining the efficiency in the transportation of the solids.

These are the most crucial tips for better performance of decanter centrifuge manufacturing process which needed to be deeply understood by decanter centrifuge manufacturers. And there are more critical matters for the manufacturing process of a decanter centrifuge used for particular utility. So other manufacturing special considerations are needed to be taken in to account.

1) The pitch of the conveyors.

2) The format of the feed zone.

3) The angle of the beach.

4) The abrasive resistance rate.

5) The raw materials which are used in the constructional process.

There are four sections that an efficient decanter centrifuge needs to have.

1) The inlet sector: the inlet part facilitates the feed suspended liquid up to the bowls. A good functional inlet part prevents the degradation of the feed solids and also can help to sidestep any disturbance of the sedimentation in the bowls. A perfect design of inlet sector can absolutely help to accelerate the performing efficiency of the decanter centrifuge.

2) The screw conveyor is also important part: the scrolling of the sedimentation solid plays a lead role in the good performance of de-1000 decanter centrifuge. By virtue of that, the screw conveyor is very crucial. The manufacturing company needs to have professional expertise in making the screw conveyor to ensure the high efficiency of its products.

3) The solid discharging sector: based on the different applications, the consistency of the separated solids can vary a lot. It can in shape of powder which is dry, and also can be a paste. The design of the discharging section can help the separated solids to exit effectively.

4) Liquid discharging part: last but not least, the liquid discharging sector exerts a very important role in the decanter centrifuge. This is as crucial as the solid discharging section be. Especially in some special applications.

If you have a decanter centrifuge company, or you hope to operate in this industry in your future plan. And you want to be a leader in this industry. I am sure that you have to attach great attention to better performance of decanter centrifuge that produced by your company. I wish that this short passage should be somewhat helpful to you.

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