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The Theory of Oil Drilling Equipment Maintenance

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With the continuous development of drilling technology, all kinds of drilling equipment are widely used, the oil drilling efficiency has been greatly improved, but there are also many failure problems appear in the process of the use of drilling equipment, they are seriously affecting the smoothly drilling work.At the same time of improve the security work efficiency, the market competition of enterprises has been greatly ascend.Therefore, to strengthen the study of maintain drilling equipment has very important significance.

Firstly,oil drilling equipment mainly consists of transmission stack sizer system, lift system, circulatory system, rotating system, control system and drive system, auxiliary equipment and rig substructure and so on several big stack sizer system structure.In the process of concrete use, all the stack sizer system are likely to fail. To strengthen the maintenance and make it in reasonable use, effectively play equipment efficiency, and let it often is in the best working condition, safe, reasonable, stable and effective operation for a long time, plays a very important role in the improvement of production efficiency, reduction of production costs, controlling of production input, the saving of raw materials, the improvement of engineering quality and avoid the accident of the other. Therefore, we must study for the problems of maintain drilling equipment, earnest to summarize experiences and lessons, to summarize the better maintenance measures, in order to better restore and improve the original mechanical performance, so that the quality of drilling equipment will further improve the work efficiency.

Secondly, we will talk about the common drilling machinery and equipment failure. Under normal circumstances, in the process of oil drilling machinery in use will appear the following failures: One, mechanical failure, such as: crack, fracture, deformation, ablation, cracking, pitting, indentation, and strain, etc.Second, the performance fault, such as: performance loss and loss of function, etc.Three, imbalance fault, such as: clearance disorders, disorders, and stress disorder.Four, loose fault, such as: loose fall off and etc.Five, leakage and block fault, such as: air leakage, water leakage, oil leakage and blockage etc.Six, degradation failure, such as peeling, aging, wear and deterioration, etc.

Thirdly, we will talk about the adverse effects caused by oil drilling equipment .

Oil drilling play an extremely important role in the oil drilling process, if once faults appear, they will cause serious consequences. Such as some faults are hard to find in time, they won't produce some direct effects, but it may lead to more serious or even catastrophic consequences. Some faults will seriously affect the personnel safe operation and easy to cause a series of safety accident if the fault did not get timely emergency repair. In addition ,they are a great threat to people's life and property security;

Fourthly, the faults would have adverse impact on the environment protection.

Failure of maintain drilling equipment may cause oil leakage accident, which is a huge threat to the surrounding natural environment, cause seriously damaging the environment,too.

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