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The Surprising Characteristics of the Polyurethane Mining screen

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Mining screen is a structural member which is a metal mesh filter for screen and is a newly developed product in screen industry. In the different types of mining screen, one is called polyurethane screen , belonging to mining equipment for mines and quarries, which is combined with shaker and other mining equipment.

The chemical composition of the polyurethane mining screen is polyurethane containing macromolecular compounds-urethane groups which are collectively repeating in the main chain. The polyurethane is made from an organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate with a dihydroxy or polyhydroxy in compound polyaddition. In addition to the polyurethane macromolecule carbamate, it can also contain ether, ester, urea, biuret, allophanate groups etc.

Thanks to the chemical composition of the polyurethane mining screen, the polyurethane mining screen has wonderful advantages which other screen don’t have.

Firstly, it has long life and large carrying capacity. Since the polyurethane elastic sieve is used the rope for the skeleton material and the polyurethane itself is coupled with a very high elastic modulus, impact absorption force of high strength, high wear resistance. What’s more, its life improves 8-10 times as compared with ordinary metal sieve, three times than stainless steel screen and 3.9 times than the natural rubber so that the polyurethane mining screen is the best material in the world of the screen surface swears.

Secondly, high screen efficiency must be had with its self-cleaning properties of the screen surface, no clogging. Because of the strong water permeability of polyurethane and the mesh cone angle is large (140°), it is possible to effectively prevent adhering with moisture fine particles so that it is suitable for screening classification of wet particulate material.

Thirdly, the polyurethane mining screen is for a wide range with strong professional applicability and applicable to any type of shaker machine and the amount of local production. The polyurethane mining screen is used in professional hydropower, building materials and other metal selected mining. Whether dry sieving or wet sieving is no impact on screen efficiency when the screening is within 0.1mm-170mm. While, dehydrating and sculping mining screen within 0.5mm-3mm width is more fully show the advantages of polyurethane screen surface. Furthermore, the product has water resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and is easy o replace maintenance. And polyurethane has small density (1.32 kg/m3), lighter weight than metal screen surface, and reduction of production consumption so the polyurethane mining screen can adapt to large-scale development requirements.

The last but not least, high screening accuracy is needed. The production process of polyurethane mining screen uses a mold-casting process. The pore size is accurate with high-quality screening and the particle size of sieved materials can well meet the user’s requirements. Moreover, the installation is simple, and it is easy to be replaced in maintenance.

All in all, the polyurethane mining screen is easy to use and has good quality and efficiency, due to its special material and production process.

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