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The Structure of The Mission Pumps

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1. Mission pump drive is long elastic coupling with motors joins, the direction of rotation of the pump, seen from the drive end, it rotate clockwise.

2. Mission pump to avoid shaft wear, shaft through packing Chamber parts with bushings protection. Between bushing and shaft have the O-type sealing ring to prevent surface inlet.

3. Mission pump is provided in accordance with ISO2858 international standard performance and dimensional design. The dimension of the mission pump is designed through many parts, for example, the pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, seals, bushings and suspension bearings that are not composed.

4. Mission pump and pump cover pump parts, was split from the back of impeller, that is commonly referred to as back door structure.

5. Shell composition of mission pump studio. Suspension bearing components supporting the rotating part of the pump, ball bearing pumps radial and axial forces.

6. Mission pump in order to balance the axial force of the pump, most of the front and rear of the impeller of the pump are equipped with sealing ring, and with balance holes on the rear cover of the impeller, because some of the pump axial force is unlikely to, it is not located on the rear of the impeller seal ring and balancing holes.

7. Axial sealing ring is made of mud pump packing gland, packing ring and fillers, and other components to prevent air intake or a large amount of water leakage. The impeller of the pump if there is balance, are equipped with soft stuffing the cavity communicates with the impeller intake, liquid at the entrance in the vacuum State of the impeller, you easily along the surface of the bushing inlet, in the packed Chamber with packing ring through a small hole in the casing cover and pump pressure water to the packing ring seal.

Mission pump rugged, compact, small size, good performance and adapt to the high pressure pump, large displacement well drilling technology requirements. Mud pump is widely used in oil field and other industrial and mining enterprises, drilling, Work over and other operations. Do the simple composition of the mud pump analysis.

The main parts of the mission pump:

The main parts of mission pump included Chassis, base, the fluid end assemblies, power end Assembly, lubrication system, sprinkler system. Fluid end Assembly includes: suction hose, drain hose and valve Chamber Assembly. Valve box Assembly was a central part of them.

Power end assemblies include: shaft Assembly (also called the pinion shaft), passive shaft Assembly (called f-series pump crankshaft), and cross head connecting rod Assembly. Lubrication system: they are mainly made up of forced lubrication and splash lubrication, forced lubrication with lubricating pump. Sprinkler system: mainly consisted of water, spray pumps, sprinkler manifold composed, cool the piston-liner.

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