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The Structure and Development of the Solid Control Equipment

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The Structure of the Solid Control Equipment

The quality as well as the property is the key to the solid control equipment for well drilling fluid. And the solid control equipment for well drilling fluid mainly includes the well drilling fluid circulation pot, the well drilling fluid cleaning treatment equipment as well as the electric appliance solid control equipment. Among them, the well drilling fluid cleaning treatment equipment has vibrant shaker,derrick shaker , grit removal, silt remover, degasifier, centrifugal machines, sand pump, bender as well as the mixer. In addition, the drilling cuttings recycle equipment and the liquid waste disposal equipment are designed for the sensitive areas for environment protection.

The Development Trend of the Solid Control Equipment

At present, the solid control equipment pays more attention to development equipments that have small occupation area, high working efficiency as well as long service life such as the grit removal, desilter as well as the degasser. What’s more these machines can realize automatic check and become the solid control equipment that has a solid control system to carry out the control according to the typical values.

The Current Condition of Foreign Solid Control Equipment

The foreign solid control equipment has good performance, stable operation as well as long service life. And it has reached the standardization, seriation and customization of the styles of the equipment. And the foreign solid control equipment pays special attention to the optimal allocation and the efficiency assess of the whole solid control system of the solid control equipments. And because of this, the foreign manufacturers developed drilling fluid solid control expert system.

The major solid control system consists of four vibrating screens and two dryers. Four vibrating screens are parallelly connected with a dryer. The drilling fluid reversed out from the well is distributed into four vibrating screens and a dryer through drilling fluid distributor. The solid parts they separated are carried out by another dryer to make the parts further dehydrate. The dehydrated liquid will be recycled and the dry parts should be discharged. As a matter of fact, the dryer is detailed catalogue vibrating screen with strong strength. The sieve inclines upwards 10° to reduce the loss of the liquid. The screen cloth that four vibrating screens use is three dimension detailed waveform screens instead of traditional panel linear screens. The three dimensional structure permits the gravity to force the solid oncoming to go downwards into wrinkle groove, deviating from the embossing area and separating the solid from the upper part of every wrinkle.

Thus, increasing the amount of the passing by fluid will not flood bulge area. And the bulge area is able to increase the fluid ability of the fluid flow. Two layer fine screen cloth is covered on the one layer crib cloth. Three layers of the screen get together forming rippled wall, and then glue them on the board of the open pore. The screen areas of the addition of waveform is 40% larger than that of the ordinary panel screen and thinner the size of 2 two 3 sieve pores than the panel screen. And the ability that deals with the fluid increase 70% without any blocking.

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