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The Skills of Choosing Good Shaker Screen

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There are many models of shaker screen , flat sieve plate, arc screen, Polyurethane sieve plate, woven screen mesh type with raw coal and sewing screen, oil filter, net used in salt industry, centrifuge basket sieve, filter separator, stainless steel nets.

The features of Shaker Screen, it is a metal mesh component used in screening and filter. It is applied in a lot of industries with the work of screening, filtering, dewatering and desliming. It has high intensity, stability and carrying capacity. Thus it can be made into rigid sieve filtration unit of many different kinds. Also it has advantages, it is easy to leakage, wear-resistance and anti-corrosion. The fracture surface of the twine is trapezoid and its gap does not narrow as it gets to the top.

The usage of the brant screen is very wild, as it is used in mines, petroleum, chemical fertilizer, grain and environmental protection etc..

In the following passage I will introduce some common senses of the brandt screen to help you buy good product. As we all know screen is a very important part in the Shaker Screen. It is very easy to damage and the quality of the screen influences the effect of screening directly. So I will show some practical knowledge to all of you. Fence netting frame is the rail mainly applied in expressway, railway, highway, airport, station, service area, bonded area, outdoor storage, port and so on. The product can beautify the environment. It is sturdy and durable. It is not easy to color fading and variant.

The materials of the stainless steel wire mesh are 302304304L316316L310S321317. It has lots of knitting methods, summarized as plain weave, cross grain weave ,five heddies weave, bamboo flowers weave and herringbone weave. It is acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, high temperature resistance. It has good pulling force and wear-resisting.

Razor barbed wire is a block equipment consists of the blade which made of sharp force angle with zinc plated or stainless steel sheet and the core wire of high-tensile plough-steel. Because of the unique modeling of the Razor barbed, it can protect perfectly. It is well in design and beautiful.

The materials of chain link fence are low carbon steel wire of high quality, stainless wire, aluminum wire and PVC wire. It is crocheting, uniform mesh with smooth surface. It is also elegant in appearance. It has many usages. It can be used to keep chickens, ducks and protect the animals in the zoo. The protection of the expressways, mechanical equipment, sports place and treelawn of the roads all use the chain link fence.

In addition to these, there are also other material Shaker Screens which I am not referring to. If you are interested, may be you can surf more information on the Internet.

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