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The Safe Use of The Mission Pump

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Sand pump absorption profile

1. The pump is made up by the pump body, impeller, guard board, electric frame and bearing assembly parts.

2. The pump shaft seal adopts rubber skeleton oil seal.

3. The direction of rotation of the pump: from the impeller entrance direction is counterclockwise.

4. Vice impeller are adopted to decrease the impeller back pressure, which extend the life of the seal.

5. Flow components should use white cast iron, resistance to abrasion.

Mission pump is a kind of exquisite vacuum equipment, in the mission pump usages, they needs our accurate protect to enrich its function and extend its life.

We should reflect before each use of rotary-vane vacuum pump pipe and even view the presence of loose and air leakage. Change a mission pump with the hand can test the shift sensitivity.

We should use average 2 x series rotary vane vacuum pump in addition to clean and dry gas, advice on oil change task 100 hours or so. After we can't see the black metal powder in the oil, we can be appropriately extended change vacuum oil in the future.

We should have the premise of pipeline sand liquidation to ensure that the pipeline dredges.

We should often reflect on our oil situation, found that the mission pump absorption and transformation should be real-time change vacuum oil, to ensure the normal rotary vane vacuum pump 2 x - 4 task.

After repackaging, when we are dealing with mission pump, commissioning test run the pump suction sand must be free of load, idle for 2 hours and oil change twice. Because in the process of cleaning, in the rotary-vane vacuum pump housing will remain volatile matter, inevitably to be volatile after all, back into normal tasks.

Under the general situation, rotary vane vacuum pump needs maintenance task after 2000 hours and reflect on the rubber seal aging level, reflection can exhaust valve slice craze, clearing the precipitation in the dirt from the valve and exhaust valve seat. To clean the whole vacuum pump cavity parts, such as rotor, vane, spring, etc. Common we can use gasoline cleansing and drying. For rubber parts accessories we should wipe with dry cloth after cleaning. When cleaning assembly we should take put down gently, be careful touch injury.

It is forbidden to switch to other varieties of oil. Must use professional vacuum oil. Often reflect on oil level position, must be adjusted to fit requirements when you didn't fit the rules. With vacuum pump operation, the oil level between oil standard shall prevail.

It is forbidden to smoke long time atmosphere! It is strictly prohibited without oil less oil missions. In the pump system with rotary vane vacuum pump device between links should be vacuum valve, before downtime we should close the channel has to avoid vacuum turn back into the system! Make sure that the pump system cannot involve erosion gas.

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